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El Mehwar TV -قناة المحور

El Mehwar TV -قناة المحور is an Egyptian television channel headquarted in Giza, Egypt. The hour by hour and moment by moment news stories and current developments are covered by the 24×7 news brand. Content covered by the channel is wide ranging from general news to political, religious, entertainment, sports, weather, economy, business and much more. However a great focus remains on Egyptian topics. The channel is a subsidiary of Sama Group International Co and owned by Hassan Rateb. El Mehwar TV has its presence not only on satellite as well as online. The website of the television is in the building process. And will soon be available for the visitors to use. The Latest news and stories from the Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and rest of the Middle East and world will be the part of the newly structured service.

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