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Al-Baghdadia is a privately owned satellite news channel headquartered in Cairo. The Independent nationalistic news platform is owned by Awn Hussain Al Khashlok. Al-Baghdadia launched in 2005 acts as an authentic news agency to a number of global stations. ‘Al Baghdadia Wa El Nas’ is a popular show broadcasted in mornings. Baghdadia also known as Umm al-Fuqara (The Mother of Poor People) believes that Iraq is the not the good place for US Army and its allies and democracy in Iraq should be created and backed by the native and citizens of the country. Al-Baghdadia2 is the entertainment sibling of the network which broadcasts general entertainment programs, movies, drama series, reality shows and others. The journalists and staff of the TV have been targeted in the country hit by insurgency and terrorism – Luaay Salam Radeef and So’oud Muzahim al-Shoumari sacrificed their lives in two separate incidents in January and April 2006. On September 2007, Jawad Al-Dammi, an eminent poet was found shot dead in Southwest of Capital.

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More About Baghdadia

The channel is serving the nation in the hard times and is committed to do its best by reporting objectively and analyzing fairly what matters to Iraqis. Egypt based news television can also be have via its webcast.


Owner Awn Hussain Al Khashlok
Country Iraq
Headquarters Cairo, Egypt
Launch September 12, 2005
Broadcast area Middle East
Availability Worldwide
Website http://www.albaghdadia.com


ساعة ونص في الميدان البغدادية والناس المختصر حوار عراقي
باندورا مرايا حديث الإصلاح يسعد صباحك ياعراق ثورة الاصلاح
ستوديو التاسعة ستوديو الملاعب قضية رأي عام الاسبوع الاقتصادي اخر الاسبوع