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Kurdish News Network (KNN) founded by the leader of Change Movement Nawshirwan Mustafa in 2008. The channel is owned by media group Wusha Corporation which started its broadcasts in December 2008. KNN is a Kurdish-language channel; its prime content consists of local and international current-affairs. However, KNN reports broadly on the economy, political scenario, sport scenes, cultural and arts stories. News updates are complemented by in-depth interviews with well-known Kurdish politicians and eminent intellectuals. KNN remits a diverse range of documentaries and domestic programs supplemented with foreign programming for Kurdish audiences.

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More About KNN

The Sulaimaniya based KNN in Iraqi Kurdistan has correspondents and employees across the region with over 160 people in its bureaus and offices. The news television has a network of correspondents across Kurdistan and Iraq including permanent local offices in Irbil (Hawler) and Kirkuk. KNN is not under the direct control of any of the major political parties in the Kurdish and surrounding regions, thus, is the only televised media outlet with considerably independent and objective impact in the selection of its material and transmittal of perspectives. The channel though coincides with the real agenda of the Wusha Corporation to address the injustices and discrimination that plague the Kurdistan region. Kurdistan News Network has aim to endorse political, educational, intellectual, social and economic reforms to better in order to serve the Kurdish race which has been deprived in so many ways. Kurdish News Network attempts to address the aforesaid troubles to empower the Kurdish citizens to move towards betterment and more democratic status and society.


Owner Wusha Corp, Gorran Movement
Language Kurdish
Launched October, 2008
Slogan Your News Channel
Headquarters Sulaimaniya, Iraqi Kurdistan
Availability Hot Bird 13 12476 H – 27500 – 3/4
Website http://knnc.net

Programming Structure

News Comment Debate
Headlines Press Interview
Sport Parliament Business
Markets Weather