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Kurdistan TV is the claimed by KDP as the first Kurdish language satellite news TV Iraqi Kurdistan. The Kurdistan Democratic Party established the channel in 1999. Kurdistan TV based in Salaheddin, Erbil embraces the national ideology and values like democracy, social justice and ‘practically immortal’ ideology of Masoud Barzani.

The media organization is a much needed and appreciated product throughout after years of struggle of the people underprivileged and deprived of their freedom and independence. Kurdistan TV is an effective voice in overcoming rupture and the attempts to silence and gag, tackling speculation, negative propaganda and mutilations practiced against Kurdish race. The news TV is the true expression of the democratic, legitimate and humanitarian movement of the Kurdish liberation, reflecting the struggle undertaken by Kurds to fight their containment to a minority.

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More About TV

The channel broadcasts content primarily in Kurdish and can watched using a WS satellite system. Kurdistan TV has availability on Eutelsat, Western Asia, Europe, North Africa andGalaxy 19. The strong online presence of the site has content in English as well as Arabic. The European bureaus of the TV are located in Netherlands and Germany. Viewers can have the latest news, current affairs programming, sports and economic stories and cultural developments form Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran and rest of the Middle East and World with an objective Kurd perspective. The agenda of the Kurdistan TV is to strengthen the struggle of Kurdish resistance and freedom fighters by advocating the nation’s right to self-determination, federalism and cooperation. The brotherhood, peace, harmony and co-existence is the message of the television truly representing Kurds. The message is to fight bigotry, racism, terrorism, autocracy, tyranny and oppression. Kurdistan is determined to build a civilized society on the foundations of democracy, human rights, law and justice to all and supports the democratic process, and transformation of Kurd society into a more civilized, and developed nation.


Owner KDP
Country Iraq
Launch January 1, 1999
Language Kurdish
Headquarters Pirma (Salaheddin), Erbil Governorate, Iraqi Kurdistan
Broadcast area Worldwide
Website http://wwww.kurdistantv.net