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VSH News held by Visionary Group is the first round the clock Balochi news channel of the country (Pakistan) – as claimed by the group. The channel produces wide range of content including news, entertainment, informational, current affairs and religious programs. The mission of the launch is to provide the Baloch community with daily news, share international affairs accompanied by the various family entertainment programs. The praiseworthy initiative was much needed by the deprived Baloch faction; the laudable efforts will really give a lead promoting and preserving the culture, customs and Heritage of the Balochs. The representation of Balochs in the mother tongue was a diehard demand of one of the oldest community of the region.

Surprisingly 50% of the audience share comes from Sindh province, (30% solely of Karachi) 35% from Punjab, 15% from KPK and approx a 90% from the Baluchistan – the heirs of the language and Baloch legacy.

Apart from Pakistan the Vsh is also viewed by the Baloch expatriates residing abroad chiefly in Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Bahrain, U.A.E, Iran and Saudi Kingdom.

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Watch Vsh news live stream. World’s first Balochi tv news channel is available for the audiences across Pakistan and world.

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