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Moneycontrol.com is the Indian financial portal established in 1999. CNBC TV18 is a joint venture between Network 18 and NBCUniversal. TV18 began its broadcasts from a Delhi based studio with a teamof less than 50 at that time. In the earlier days nearly all the content suffered a gap of 15 minutes before reaching to the user end. Only the stock tickers aired right from the CNBC Asia Studios in Singapore were only the consistent item on screens.

Today the employees are running over 1000 and broadcasts making it over 18 hours a day, the state of art studios, professionals and skilled teams of CNBC TV18 are making it possible to earn the market cps of Seven Lakh Crore. The money, control, wealth and booming Indian economy, government and private investment and trading sectors are powered and provided by the business and finance insights of the TV18 and guess what it’s just the beginning! Follow the business with CNBC TV18 online with us.

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Anchors/Presenters/ Correspondents/Editors

Pragya Bhardwaj Veena Krishna Sonia Shenoy Nigel Dsouza
Latha Venkatesh Sumaira Abidi Ushang Nikunj Sheth Udayan Mukherjee
Jamshed Patel Ekta Batra Shruti Mishra Archana Shukla
Anuj Singhal Malvika Jain Senthil Chengalvarayan Nimesh Shah
Sumiit Lakhutia A.B. Ravi Pavni Mittal Payaswini Upadhyay
Menaka Doshi Rituparna Bhuyan Nayantara Rai Shereen Bhan
Kritika Saxena Reema Tendulkar Sajeet Kesav Manghat Varinder Bansal

Notable Viewers

Sunil Munjal Piyush Goyal Dennis Nally Kris Gopalakrishnan
Chanda Kochhar Keki Mistry Narayana Murthy Mukesh Ambani