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CGTN Arabic established on July 25, 2009, nearly 10 years ago is an Arabic language state-owned Chinese national news service formerly known as CCTV-Arabic. China Global Television Network, a division of China Central Television is the owner of the service. It is like rest of its siblings: CGTN Russian, CGTN Spanish, CGTN French, CGTN Documentary and main CGTN is headquartered in Beijing China.

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The Arabic language arm of CCTV was launched on July 25, 2009 considering the need of strong ties with Arabic region. The new service was aimed to bridge the gap between Chinese government and Arab nations. It is available to audiences to MENA: Middle East and North African audiences via Arabsat BADR-6, Europe is served by Eurobird 9 and Asia-Pacific receives the programming by Chinasat 6B. The official website of former CCTV Arabic offers both traditional and HD feed for its audiences. Through its satellite, IPTV and streaming media service the channel is available to a population of 300m in 22 countries. The importance of the service is evident by the fact that according to a report produced by South China Morning Post, China Global Television Network was committed to spend extravagant funds of 45 billion Yuan ahead of development of the Arabic language service.

CGTN Arabic Programming  

The content of the station is mainly categorized into four sections including news, feature stories/special reports, education and entertainment – all in Arabic. With the regularly updates news feeds and headlines, each of the program is broadcast six times a day. It aims to increase its programming with its development. You can watch the channel online through the official site and follow it on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Here is the website:



الفنون الصيني السياحة في الصين أفلام وثائقية
الأخبار الاقتصادية لحوار الأخبار
تعلم معي مسلسلات تلفزيونية نافذة على الصين


CGTN Arabic Presenters/Reporters

تشه لي وي في يوان يوان لي غانغ
أو شياو لان تشن شي شين فونع شي
يو يان لي خولة جبري وفاء حمزة
فنغ يون شيان رفاه الخطيب

تشانغ بو تشانغ لو


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