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Hispan TV owned by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting was launched in December 2011. The Spanish language with the slogan of “Nexo Latino” (Latino connection) connects the Spanish audiences – the second largest group of native speakers only second to Mandarin – with the Iranian perspective and developments in rest of the world. The channel claims to be first Spanish News TV outside the Latin American region and Europe.

The viewership induced by the Hispan have representations from Spain, Cuba, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador , Mexico, Colombia, Peru and not mention Venezuela – a trustworthy friend and strategic partner of the Iranian regime. The channel operates on the same theme as of Press TV for English viewers and Al-Alam approaching Arabic audiences in the Middle-Eastern regions. The Cable satellite channel in July 2013 had to bear some gravity caused by the new episode of sanctions resulting in the eviction from a number of American and European satellites in response to the country’s nuclear program. Following the reservations, the Hispan no more has its reach in Spain but is still welcomed by the airs of Hispanic America. Hispan TV is creating the news bonds of harmony and initiating a whole new era of diplomatic and cultural exchange with the Hispanic and Latino American populations in the world. The information will help the nations to enhance the relations in all possible dimensions between them.

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More About Hispan

Owner Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
Country Iran
Language Spanish
Type Cable television network
Launch December 21, 2011
Slogan Nexo Latino
Sister channels IRINN, Al-Alam News Network, Press TV, iFilm
Availability Worldwide
Official websites http://www.hispantv.com/http://www.hispantv.ir/


Casa Latina, Comida Iraní
Recorridos Urbanos
La Gran Historia
Mi viaje al Islam
Entre Líneas
Irán Hoy
Nuevos musulmanes
El Encuentro
¿Qué opinas?
A la Calle
Diálogo Abierto
Cara a Cara
Punto de Mira
Más que Deporte
Cine a Contra Corriente
Fort Apache
El Color del Dinero
Dossier de Oriente Medio
Al – Ándalus
Detrás de la Razón
Al Natural
Más allá de la imagen



Intelsat 21 58ºW 3840 H 27690
NSS-806 Americas 3803 / 27500 / 3/4 H
Hispasat 1D-1E 30ºW 12092 H 27500
Eutelsat 3.1ºE 11498 H 11852
Galaxy 19 North America 12028 /21991 / 3/4 H


Planet INTV Maturin (Venezuela) Canal 87
TCC (Uruguay) 45
global tv Bogotá Canal 59
Cable Bello TV (Colombia) 66


UHF WECN Canal 18.2 (Naranjito)TDT Canal 57 (Madrid)WRUA Canal 33.1 (Fajardo)TDT Canal 45 (Madrid)