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i24news is the Israeli news and current affairs brand headquartered in Jaffa Port (Tel Aviv). The broadcasts are aired in English, Arabic and French languages. Patrick Drahi is a the owner while Frank Melloul is the Chief Executive Officer of the TV traded from the French 24. i24claims itself far from the funding of Israeli government. The newly launched (17 July 2013) news house in the country aims to exculpate the ignorance and prejudice against the state and citizens of Israel. Lucy Aharish is the first Israeli Arab anchor & news host of the i24. The Hebrew speaking Arab news presenter is well known in and outside the Israel for her strange choice and position. The news TV is available in Israel via streaming media. The multilingual broadcasts in English, French and Arabic are distributed Switzerland, Poland, Africa, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, West Indies, Africa and Belgium via Cable, IPTV and Satellite. The Jewish Life Television facilitates the i24 to have its availability in US. The television has recently applied for the permissions to reach its audience in the state of Israel. An accord recently will enable i24 to air in the Germany via Kabel Deutschland.

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More About i24

Owner Patrick Drahi
Launch 17 July 2013
Language English, French, Arabic
Slogan “See Beyond”
Country Israel
Broadcasting range Worldwide
Headquarters Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv; Luxembourg
Affiliations Channel 2 (Israel)
Website www.i24news.tv


Channel2 Prime time news
Press Arena
Social Blog
Morning Edition
The Tube
Evening News



Cabovisão (Portugal) Channel 108 (French) Channel 110 (English)
Numericable (Luxembourg) Channel 88 (French)
Numericable (Belgium) Channel 357 (French) Channel 358 (English)
Numericable (France) Channel 60 (French) Channel 68 (English) Channel 69 (Arabic)
Numericable (French West Indies) Channel 161 (French)


SFR (France) Channel 271 (French)
Free (France) Channel 88 (French)
Swisscom (Switzerland) Channel 342 (French) Channel 557 (English)
Bouygues (France) Channel 165 (French)
Orange (France) Channel 181 (French)


Sky Italia (Italy) Channel 537 (English)
Astra 1L (Europe) 11068 V / 22000 / 5/6 (French)
Canalsat (France) Channel 112 (French)
Canal+ (Spain) Channel 312 (French)
SES-5 (Africa) 11843 H / 27500 / 2/3
SES-4 (Africa) 11671 V / 5/6 (French)
Hot Bird 13B (Middle East, Maghreb, Europe) 11471 V / 27500 / 5/6 (Arabic/English)
Eutelsat 70B (Asia) 11565 H / 11401 / 2/5
Polsat (Poland) Channel 235 (English)
AsiaSat 5 (Middle East, Africa) 3960 H / 30000 / 5/6 (Arabic/English)

  Streaming media

LiveStation http://www.livestation.com/en/i24news
i24news.tv http://www.i24news.tv/en/tv/live (Eng)http://www.i24news.tv/ar/tv/live (Arabic)http://www.i24news.tv/fr/tv (French)