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The Knesset is an Israeli News channel launched on May 3, 2004 intended to broadcast the daily assembly sessions and activities of Quorum. The public news television telecasts daily assembly proceedings except on Shabbat and public holidays. The 24×7 covers the various Knesset meetings, speeches and debates and question sessions from the desks of the parliament. The live broadcasts from Knesset are of great interest for the audiences of the channel as the national institution runs the parliamentary democracy of the Twentieth Knesset. The institution located in Givat Ram, Jerusalem elects the state Comptroller The parliamentary affairs can be viewed via Digital Cable and YES on channel and channel 41. The smart phones and cell phones are the facilities for internet users. The Second News Company is taking care of the operations of Israeli national television. Get the latest activities of latest branch of unicameral national legislature branch in live broadcast from Knesset. Find out more about satellite and cable news TV on http://www.knesset.gov.il

Arutz Tishim VeTesha – Arutz HaKnesset or channel 99 has following satellite reception details.

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Central Frequency 11,625 MHz
Orbital location 4°W (AMOS-3 satellite)
Azimuth to satellite 236° (in Israel)
Polarization Vertical
FEC 3/4
Elevation to satellite 34.1° (in Israel)
Signal Ratio 3000