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Syria TV is the state-run television of Syria. The satellite TV is in the ownership of RTV Syria and has broadcasting rights across the world on some major satellites like Arabsat, Nilesat and Hotbird. The state television is considered as the propaganda tool and cat’s paw of the government because of the way it propagates and so has so far handled the Syrian uprising. The Pro Asad government has always been bashed by the anti –Asad Alliances, Middle Eastern regimes, western lobbies and human rights organizations. The Damascus based national news agency’s transmissions along with other Syrian media houses were shut down by Arabsat and Nilesat in June 2012.

Syria TV mostly telecasts its content in Arabic (Syrian) but there are programs broadcasted or dubbed in French, Russian, Turkish, English and Spanish.

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More About TV

Owner RTV Syria
Country Syria
Language Arabic
Launch 1995
Broadcasting Range Syria Arab World Europe Australia Americas
Headquarters Damascus, Syria
Website http://www.rtv.gov.sy


Sabah al Khair (Good Morning, صباح الخير)
Huna Dimashq (Here is Damascus, هنا دمشق)
Hamzet Wasel (Connecting Link, همزة وصل)
Hadis Al-Balad (Talk of the Town, حديث البلد)
Aalam men Akhbar (A World of News, عالم من الأخبا)
Mulaeb al Ghad (Tomorrow’s Player, ملاعب الغد)
Al-Nas lel Nas (People for People, الناس للناس)
Jilna (Our Generation, جيلنا)
Al-Balad Baladak (The Country is your Country, البلد بلدك)
Syrian soap operas (Syrian Drama, مسلسلات سوريا دراما)
Bath Mubashar (Live Broadcast, بث مباشر)
Nahja Maan (Living Together, نحيا معا)
Al-Muwaten w el-Wazeer (The Citizen and the Minister, المواطن و الوزير )


Arabsat-5C 3934 L – 27500 – 7/8
Arabsat-5A 10782 H – 2960 – 3/4
Nilesat 201 11823 V – 27500 – 5/6
Express AM22 12549 H – 8800 – 3/4
Eutelsat 7 West A 11680 H – 27500 – 3/4
Eutelsat 10A 12727 H – 2893 – 3/4
AsiaSat 5 3820 V – 27500 – 3/4
Galaxy 19 12146 V – 22000 – 3/4
Hispasat 1C 12132 H – 27500 – 3/4