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NATO Allies Put Troops on High Alert Amid Russia likely Invasion

The US ordered 8500 military troops on high alert to deploy to Europe amid mounting concerns that Russia may invade Ukraine

NATO Allies Put Troops on High Alert Amid Possible Invasion of Russia

On Monday, NATO announced that some member nations are putting forces on high alert and sending extra ships and fighter planes to Eastern Europe as the United States and the United Kingdom ordered families of diplomats to withdraw from Ukraine amid probable Russian invasion. The development underscores mounting concerns of likely Russian aggression, following several months of military planning by Moscow that set off a retaliatory series of escalations with NATO, a military alliance of Western countries.

Russia deployed around 100000 troops as well as war equipment near its border with Ukraine and is also sending military personnel into neighboring Belarus for joint exercises next month that Ukrainian officials concerned could serve as a developed theater of operations from which to launch an invasion. However, United States intelligence officials said they do not know whether Vladimir Putin, the Russian President decided to attack Ukraine.

Biden to Deploy 5000 US Troops in Eastern Europe

On the other hand, Russia repeatedly rejected the allegations of planning to attack but argued that NATO support for Ukraine constitutes a mounting threat on the western flank of Russia. According to a senior U.S. defense official after high-level dialogs between Washington and Moscow covered earlier this month without any advances over the tens of thousands of Russian military deployed at the border of Ukraine. Now the Biden government is weighing whether to mass as more as around five thousand American troops to bolster NATO partners in Eastern and the Baltics.

Russia and NATO pointed the finger at each other on Monday for the intensifying tensions. Dmitry Peskov, the spokesperson for Kremlin, said while reoffering to the announcement of NATO that tensions are rising amid the concrete actions taken by NATO and the United States. He added that the informational panic that Russia is witnessing is generously labeled with a huge amount of disinformation, only lies, and fakes.

On Monday, Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO Secretary-General, stated that the coalition forces would continue to take immediate measures to protect and defend all partner countries, including strengthening the eastern part of the Alliance. Further, he added that NATO forces will always respond to any decline of the security environment, including through bolstering the communal defense.

NATO Allies Put Troops on High Alert Amid Russia likely Invasion
NATO Allies Put Troops on High Alert Amid Russia likely Invasion
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Pentagon Ordered 8500 Troops on Higher Alert

On Monday, the Pentagon ordered eighty-five hundred troops on higher alert to possibly deploy to Europe in an effort to NATO response force amid the mounting concern that Russia could soon invade Ukraine, Joe Biden, the President of the United States, consulted with major European leaders, emphasizing American solidarity with allies there.

Putting the American-based troops on high alert for Europe suggested weakening hope that Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, will back away from what the U.S. president himself said looks like a risk to attack neighboring Ukraine. John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, said around eighty-five hundred American-based troops put on alert for likely deployment – not to Ukraine but the NATO region in Eastern Europe as part of allied force meant to signal a united commitment to discourage any broader Putin aggression.

Moscow denies the allegations that it is planning an attack on Ukraine. It says that Western blames are purely a cover for own planned provocations of NATO. The U.S. president sought to maintain a balance between actions intended to deter the Russian President and those that might offer Putin an inaugural to use the huge force he massed at the border of Ukraine.

President Biden held an eighty-minute video call with many European leaders on the Russian military buildup and likely response to an attack. Moreover, the White House said that the leaders stressed their wish for a diplomatic solution to the crisis but also discussed attempts to discourage further aggression from Russia, including efforts to slap severe economic sanctions and massive consequences on Russia-like actions along with to reinforce security on the eastern flank.

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