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Russia Sees Room for Diplomacy over Ukraine Issue

Russian ambassador to EU, Vladimir Chizhov, said that Russia still believes diplomatic talks can help reduce the Ukrainian crisis.

Russia Agreed on Room for Diplomacy Over Ukraine Matter

Vladimir Chizhov, the European Union ambassador to Russia, told BBC News that Russia still believes in diplomatic talks to help de-escalate the Ukrainian crisis. Chizhov said Moscow had no intention of attacking any country but warned that it was important not to incite Moscow to change its mind.

Russia repetitively denied any intention to attack Ukraine. However, with more than one hundred thousand military troops deployed near the Ukrainian border, some Western nations, including the United States, warned that Russian aggression could come at any time. Previously, Russia invaded the southern Crimea Peninsula of Ukraine, and since then, there has been a prolonged conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Russian-funded separatists control bands of land in the southern Crimea Peninsula, and almost fourteen thousand individuals killed in those conflicts. Today, Russia is ready to start ten days of joint armed drills in Belarus, a northern neighbor of Ukraine and a close ally of Russia. Around thirty thousand Russian military personnel expected to participate in those military exercises.

A spokesperson of the Kremlin said the joint drills were severe, but he highlighted the nature of threats was greater than before. However, Chizhov told BBC News that Russian troops currently positioned in Belarus would return to their barracks after the military exercises. Jen Psaki, the spokeswoman of the White House, said that the military drills were at a higher level amid the heightened tensions in the region.

Reviving Peace Dialogs

After two days of intense diplomacy – led by Emmanuel Macron, the President of France – there is some suggestion that a revived focus on the so-called Minsk deals – which intended to end the matter in eastern Ukraine – could use as a basis to de-escalate the present crisis. Germany, France, Russia, and Ukraine backed the agreements in 2014-2015.

In addition, some diplomats settled that the deals could offer a way to defuse the tension, with the French ambassador to the U.S., Philippe Etienne, tweeting they should be used to build a feasible diplomatic solution. Macron said dialogs would be restored as soon as Thursday and include Ukraine and Russia, including Germany and France.

Russia Sees Room for Diplomacy over Ukraine Issue
Russia Sees Room for Diplomacy over Ukraine Issue
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On Wednesday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that the flood of diplomatic efforts marked development. Malyar stated that the ultimate goal of Russia was not to capture Ukraine but to weaken the West. She added that putting Ukraine under its full control is not the final goal of Russia. The strategic aim of Russia is to collapse the security and political alliances of Western nations.

Moscow long blamed the Ukrainian administration for failing to execute the deals, and at the press conference of Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin urged the Ukrainian government to respect them. But Russia and Ukraine disagree over what the pacts mean in practice, and Kyiv expressed concerns that the agreements would give too much independence to the eastern regions at present under insurgent control, with Moscow keeping significant influence there.

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