Home Updates 100000 Deaths Recorded in the US amid Overdoses in 12 Pandemic Months

100000 Deaths Recorded in the US amid Overdoses in 12 Pandemic Months

The U.S. government announced that over 100,000 people had died of overdoses between April 2020 and April 2021

100000 US Deaths Recorded amid Overdoses in 12 COVID-19 Months

The United States drug pandemic reached another horrific milestone Wednesday when the administration announced that over one hundred thousand individuals had died of overdoses between April 2020 and April 2021. It is the first time that deaths amid drug overdoses reached six figures in any twelve months. Moreover, the individuals who died – two hundred and seventy-five every day – would fill up a football stadium where the University of Alabama plays football. Additionally, they equal the population of Roanoke, Va.

The new statistics reveal that there are now additional overdose deaths from the illicit synthetic opioid fentanyl than overdose deaths from overall drugs in 2016. Despite the efforts of state administration, activists, healthcare providers, and others, the issue is rising much worse. Furthermore, the latest interim statistics that change rarely signifies a 28.5 percent surge from the same period one year earlier. The social, financial, housing, mental health, and other difficulties of the coronavirus pandemic are mainly responsible for much of the increase.

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, expressed on the overdose death statistics that as we continue to take steps to combat the coronavirus pandemic, his government can’t overlook the pandemic of loss with overdoses, which directly hit communities and families all over the country. At a press conference, other senior government officials acknowledged the growing seriousness of the drug crisis, which provoked the Biden government to focus with additional effort on harm-reduction strategies.

Naloxone Distribution is Uneven Across the U.S.

The approach of the Biden administration includes trying to intensify distribution of the overdose drug naloxone and fentanyl test strips to patients to keep them healthy and alive. In contrast, the administration expands treatment and prevention programs all over the country. However, the government drug czar Rahul Gupta acknowledged that the distribution of naloxone is uneven across the United States, depending on rules in several states. Gupta offered a model law and suggested that some states enhance access to the particular drug by adopting it.

Anne Milgram, the chief of the Drug Enforcement Administration, noted an increase in fentanyl seizures, which reached twelve thousand pounds in 2021. It is enough to give every American a deadly dose of the powerful opioid. More extensive use of methamphetamine is also a factor. In addition, the government is asking Congress for $11 billion in the next year’s budget to fund anti-drug programs, which also underline prevention, recovery, and treatment services.

 U.S. drug overdose deaths per year
U.S. drug overdose deaths per year
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Fentanyl is several times stronger than morphine, leading to more common fatal overdoses.  It progressively spiked into other drugs, like cocaine, and fake pills, killing somebody who consumes it unintentionally. During the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, more users were alone, cutting the chances that other patients or bystanders could call first responders in the occurrence of an overdose.

In which areas the death rates are the highest?

For every one hundred thousand individuals, rates range from nine deaths yearly in South Dakota to ninety in West Virginia. Furthermore, the number of opioid prescriptions from healthcare providers fell sharply as the overdose crisis continued. Twenty years back, doctors were violently treating pain as the 5th important sign. Drug companies across the country contributed to the idea that strong painkillers could use for an extensive variety of diseases, not only cancer and end-of-life care. However, as the addiction crisis arose, physicians have cut back.

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