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20-year Failure of U.S. Mission – Hamid Karzai

Hamid Karzai said that the United States came to his country to bring stability and fight extremism, but it failed at both agendas

Hamid Karzai, the former president of Afghanistan, said on Sunday that the United States came to his country to bring stability and fight extremism to his war-tortured country and now is leaving approximately twenty years later, having failed at both agendas. During an interview with the Associated Press some weeks before the last NATO and the U.S. troops leave the country, ending their forever war, Karzai said extremism is at its peak point, and the departing forces are leaving behind a disaster.

He said that the international community came to Afghanistan twenty years ago with the clear objective of bringing stability and fighting extremism – but unfortunately, extremism is at its peak point today. In simple words, they failed in their mission. American legacy is a war-destroyed nation in total disaster and disgrace. Still, the former Afghan president, who had a conflicted relationship with the U.S. during his thirteen-year rule, wanted the American and NATO troops to leave, saying the Afghani nation was unified behind an overwhelming desire for peace. They need to take responsibility for their future.

9/11 Attacks on America

Karzai said that Afghani would be comfortable without the U.S. military presence. His people can defend their country and look after their own lives. Now, they do not want to continue with the disgrace and unhappiness that they are facing. It is better for the people of Afghanistan that the U.S. forces will leave. The rule of Karzai followed the revolution of the Taliban in 2001 by a United States-led coalition forces that launched its attack to find and destroy the al-Qaida network and its supreme leader, Osama bin Ladin, who blamed for the 9/11 attacks on America.

20-year Failure of U.S. Mission – Hamid Karzai
20-year Failure of U.S. Mission – Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai
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During his rule, girls again attended school, and women re-emerged, new high-rises went up in Kabul – the capital, a vibrant, young civil society emerged, and his government built infrastructure & roads built. However, his rule also characterized by accusations of extensive corruption and booming drug trade. Moreover, in the final years of Karzai’s rule, he faced insistent fights with Washington that continue even today. Further, he adds that the U.S. campaign was not against terrorism or extremism, but their campaign was more against hopes and Afghan villages. So, it was very wrong.

Final With drawl of Forces from Afghanistan

In April, the United States President Joe Biden announced the final withdrawal of the remaining twenty-five hundred to thirty-five hundred troops. At that time, he said America was leaving the country and achieving its goals because they diminished Al-Qaida and killed bin, Laden. America no more needs forces in Afghanistan to fight terrorist threats that might stem from the country. Still, the United States’ efforts to bring about a political end to the two decades of war have elusive. In February of the previous year, it signed an agreement with the Taliban to pull out its forces in exchange for a promise from the Taliban to condemn terrorist groups.

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