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3 Mass Shootings Rocked US During Easter Weekend

South Carolina authorities are probing gunfire at a nightclub early Sunday that wounded around nine individuals

Three Mass Shootings Rocked US During Easter Weekend, left Two Dead

According to officials, two teenage boys were killed and eight individuals were wounded after the mass shooting erupted at an Easter party in a short-term rental home in Pittsburgh on Sunday, one of three mass shootings that rocked the country on Easter weekend. In addition, two gunfire occurred in Pittsburgh and South Carolina on Sunday, and another erupted Saturday at a shopping mall in South Carolina where a shooter shot nine individuals.

Officials in South Carolina are probing a mass shooting at a nightclub that wounded around nine people. It was 2nd mass shooting in the state and the 3rd in the country during the holiday of Easter weekend. Both shootings in South Carolina and another in Pittsburgh left almost thirty-one people wounded. According to an email from the State Law Enforcement Division of South Carolina, it didn’t report any death in the shooting at Cara’s Lounge in Hampton County. Approximately wight miles west of Charleston.

Pittsburgh party shooting killed two young boys and left at least eight people wounded. According to the information of the city’s Police Chief Scott Schubert, the considerable majority of the gathering at the party were underage. However, investigators estimate that there was more than one shooter, and Schubert police were processing evidence at almost eight different scenes.

Mall Shooting

Police stated that investigative agents determined the gunfire broke out at an Easter Weekend party, which drew around two hundred guests. At the moment, the officials didn’t release the names of the slain boys. On Sunday afternoon, Price’s bail set at $25000. However, the judge will allow Price to travel from home to work during specific hours every day.

The two incidents of violence come just one day after a shooting erupted at a busy mall in the South Carolina state, around ninety miles north of Sunday’s nightclub shooting. Nine people got shots, and five people sustained other injuries while trying to escape the crime scene at the Columbia Centre. Additionally, the victims ranged in age from fifteen to seventy-three. None of them faced life-threatening injuries.

3 Mass Shootings Rocked US During Easter Weekend
Three Mass Shootings Rocked US During Easter Weekend, left Two Dead
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So far, the only culprit detained in the mall shooting is twenty-two-year-old Jewayne M. Price, one of three people law enforcement at first arrested as a person of interest. On Sunday, Todd Rutherford, Price’s attorney, told news agencies that his client opened shooting at the mall but in self-defense. Moreover, Rutherford said that Price faced a charge of illegally carrying a weapon because he legally owned his pistol but didn’t have the authority to carry a weapon.

Gunfire at New York Subway

The three mass shootings of Easter weekend are along with other gunfire in recent days. Last week, a shooter opened fire on a New York subway car, wounding ten people. The next day police arrested the suspect. During a gunfight between rival street gangs in Sacramento, six people were killed, and twelve individuals were wounded earlier this month.

Likewise, a shooing inside a jam-packed nightclub in Cedar Rapids left two people dead, including a woman, and ten wounded one week ago. In the same way, in March, ten people were shot at a spring break party in Dallas during another gunfire, and many others got injuries as they tried to flee the shooting.

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