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46 Migrants Found dead in abandoned Truck

Around 46 people have been found dead in an abandoned lorry on the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas.

Forty-Six Migrants Found dead in Abandoned Truck in San Antonio

At least forty-six migrants have died in an abandoned trailer in San Antonio, Texas. A San Antonio Fire Department official reported that they took sixteen people, including four kids, to the hospital, and they were hot to the touch and suffering from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Moreover, the department stated that there were no people among the dead.

Charles Hood, the San Antonio Fire Chief, told press news that it was a refrigerated tractor-trailer, but there was no visible working air conditioner unit on that rig. However, temperatures in San Antonio, around one hundred and sixty miles from the Mexican border, increased to a high of one hundred- and three degrees Fahrenheit on Monday with high humidity.

William McManus, the city’s Police Chief, expressed that one person who works in the neighboring building heard a crying shout for help and came out to investigate. He found the truck’s doors partly opened, looked inside, and found several dead bodies. McManus further said that this was the most significant incident of its type in San Antonio.

Three suspects were in custody following the incident, though their involvement is not obvious. A United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman said that its Department of Homeland Security division was probing a supposed human smuggling event in coordination with local police officials.

Record Crossings

The deaths of sixteen people once again highlight the challenge of controlling the crossings of migrants at the United States-Mexico border, which reached record highs. Furthermore, the issue proved difficult for United States Democratic President Joe Biden, who came into office in January 2021, vowing to reverse some of the tough immigration policies of former United States President Donald Trump.

46 Migrants Found dead in abandoned Truck
Forty-Six Migrants Found dead in Abandoned Truck in San Antonio
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GOP leaders slammed the border strategy of President Biden just before the midterm congressional elections in November. On Twitter, Marcelo Ebrard, the Mexican Foreign Minister, called the suffocation of the people in the truck the tragedy in Texas and said consular officials were going to the hospital to confirm if there were two Guatemalan children there and what situation they were in.

In July 2017, ten migrants died when they brought a tractor-trailer that San Antonio police discovered in a Wal-Mart parking lot. The court sentenced the driver, James Matthew Bradley, Jr., the following year to life in prison for his part in the smuggling of migrants. Staton stated that migrants have regularly been seized in the areas since the 2017 incident.

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