Home Updates 53 Lost Squad of Indonesian Naval Submarine is Declared Dead

53 Lost Squad of Indonesian Naval Submarine is Declared Dead

Lost 53 Squad of Indonesian Naval Submarine Declared Dead by Military Officials after they Found Debris of Submarine

The authorities found debris of a Navy submarine of Indonesia that was missing since Wednesday. They found the wreckage on the seafloor and confirmed all its fifty-three team members as dead, according to Hadi Tjahjanto, Indonesian military commander Air Chief Marshal. The news came one day after wreckage believed to form the Nanggala II submarine found floating around two miles from the last known place in the Bali Strait. So, the top military officials change the status of the submarine from missing to sink.

Rigel War vessel of Indonesia scanned the area with sonar by using sound waves to find objects and a gaussmeter, Tjahjanto told journalists during a press conference. Afterward, the Singaporean MV Swift Rescue ship sent an (ROV) remote-operated vehicle to get stronger underwater visual imagery. He said that they found and announced an image of parts of the Nanggala submarine, such as exterior body, vertical steering, horizontal steering, anchor, and other submarine parts such as safety suits for crew members.

He said that depends on the reliable proof he declared here that the Nanggala vessel sank and all of the crew died. The search team found objects that were a submarine escape immersion suit. Moreover, this suit only used to escape in emergency circumstances. Usually, it stored inside the box, but since then, they found it externally; they believe that the team would wear it, but they had no chance.

The factor Behind the Sinking of Submarine

Margono said that it is not a human error regarding the cause of the accident but an environmental/natural factor. However, he didn’t give additional details. While briefing journalists, the admiral said on Saturday that the explosion wasn’t thought to occur on the submarine, but that heavy pressure on the submarine possibly caused it to crack. Tjahanto shared his deepest sympathies with the families of the victims. The Crew named the Golden Shark unit. Further, he added that the officials would give honors and increase in rank to the onboard dead crew members.

53 Lost Squad of Indonesian Naval Submarine is Declared Dead
53 Lost Squad of Indonesian Naval Submarine is Declared Dead
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He said that the Indonesian administration would cooperate with the International Submarine Escape & Rescue Liaison Office (ISMERLO) to vacate the submarine as they need international cooperation. Joko Widodo, the President of Indonesia, also offered his condolences on Sunday with the crew’s families. Further, he described them as the best patriots of the country. The heartbreak tragedy shocked the families of the fifty-three crew members but the whole country.

Naval Officials Found Debris of Submarine Before Declaring Crew Dead

Wreckage, including prayer mats, part of a metal tube, a bottle of grease, fuel, and part of a torpedo launcher spotted floating at the sea surface, almost eight hundred and fifty meters deep. So, this finding reduced all the hopes of finding the navy crew alive. Earlier, the authorities said that the submarine couldn’t survive at depths more than five hundred meters. Additionally, the crew members in the German-made submarine expected to run out of oxygen on Saturday. Early on Wednesday morning, the submarine lost connection on Earth during a usual military exercise in the Bali Strait.

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