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$6 Billion Plan to Combat World Hunger – UN to Musk

The director of the UN World Food Program shared a plan to spend $6.6 billion to combat world hunger by tagging Musk on a Twitter thread

WFP Director Shared $6 Billion Plan to Address World Hunger with Musk

The World Food Program (WFP) executive director of the United Nations (UN), David Beasley, revealed a plan to spend $6.6 billion to fight world hunger. Beasley was giving a direct response to a back-and-forth with Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. Previously, Musk offered that he would sell 2% of Tesla shares to fund a plan of the WFP chief could describe exactly how it would work.

Beasley, the former Republican governor of South Carolina and the United Nations food program, took Twitter on Monday to share a link containing a one-thousand-word executive summary of the plan. It maps out how the intergovernmental organization would deploy $6.6 billion worth of vouchers and meals to feed over forty million people across forty-three nations on the edge of famine – by this means preventing what the WFP is calling an impending disaster.

The document states that the WFP suggests dedicating $3.5 billion to acquire and deliver food directly, $700 million to start and manage new food programs, $2 billion for food, and cash vouchers in places where markets can function properly and endures the aid reaches the most vulnerable. In the same way, $400 million would be used for operations supervision, management, accountability, and coordination of the supply chain.

The Hunger Crisis is Urgent

Beasley tweeted that the world is on fire, and he has been warning about the looming storm amid coronavirus pandemic, climate crisis, conflict, and increasing supply chain costs. Further, he adds that the global hunger catastrophe is exceptional, urgent, and avoidable. In another tweet, he tagged the Tesla CEO – the world’s richest person with a net worth of around $288 billion – and said that you asked for open books and a clear plan to combat world hunger. Here it is! The World Food Program is ready to talk with you and someone else who is serious about saving lives.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Musk didn’t respond to Beasley’s tweet. The to-and-fro between Beasley and Musk started last month after a CNN interview in which the WFP director asked world billionaires to step up on a one-time basis to help address world hunger. He specifically cited the two richest men of the world such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Beasley said giving two percent, or $6 billion of the net worth of Musk, could help solve world hunger.

In response, Musk tweeted that if the WFP director can describe in a tweet exactly how the organization spent $6 billion to solve world hunger, he will sell Tesla shares worth $6.6 billion right now. Musk further added that the plan must be open-source accounting, so everyone sees precisely and publicly how the organization spent money.

COVID-19 Pandemic and the World Hunger

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the hunger crisis of the world was already worsened amid international conflicts and climate change. Whereas the outbreak compounded the current issues, leaving forty-two million people that are factually knocking on the door of starvation and famine. He adds that this is a worst-case scenario for the whole world.

$6 Billion Plan to Combat World Hunger – UN to Musk
$6 Billion Plan to Combat World Hunger – UN to Musk
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Previously, Musk made bold pledges on Twitter and committed to using his resources for charitable activities. Such as, Musk vowed in 2018 to fund fixing the water in any house in Flint that has water contagion above FDA levels. In the end, he donated around half a million dollars for installing water filters in schools in the town. Similarly, he contributed more sizeable aids to specific projects.

Early in 2021, Musk pledged to donate $30 million to Brownsville to build local schools. In the same way, he established the Musk Foundation, which will help develop human space exploration, renewable energy expansion across the U.S., and safe uses of artificial intelligence (AI).

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