Home Updates Abu Dhabi to ban Unvaccinated People from Public Places

Abu Dhabi to ban Unvaccinated People from Public Places

UAE announced some of the Strictest Restrictions Globally against Unvaccinated Residents

The government of the United Arab Emirates announced some of the strictest restrictions of the world for unvaccinated individuals in its move to encourage people to take the shot. Moreover, the administration said they would not allow the unvaccinated people of Abu Dhabi city to enter most public places.

The media office of emirates tweeted a series of messages. It announced to introduce the ban from most public places to encourage immunizations against the coronavirus and preserve public health. However, ninety-three percent of target groups received their doses of vaccination.

The Governmental Ban Will Hit Which Areas?

According to the tweets from the media office, the ban will go into effect on 20th August 2021, giving the residents of the city some time to receive shots against the pandemic before the endorsement of the measures. However, after the date rolls around, those without the vaccination shot will be banned from entering universities, private & public schools, shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, nurseries, theme parks, museums, resorts, gyms, and other retail stores outlets.

Furthermore, the significant exclusions are retail outlasts selling essential goods, like pharmacies, supermarkets, which all residents will still be permitted to enter regardless of their inoculation status. The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) approved the order, and it will not apply to children under the age of sixteen and those people who have an official (genuine) cause to be exempt from the virus vaccination.

Abu Dhabi to ban Unvaccinated People from Public Places
Abu Dhabi to ban Unvaccinated People from Public Places
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Additionally, the NCEMA committee stated the decision would boost protection in areas subjected to further protective measures and provide enhanced protection for community members. According to the New York Times tracker, the United Arab Emirates holds the record of the highest vaccination rate globally, boasting a rate of one hundred and fifty-four doses administered per hundred people.

77.1% of the UAE Population Received Full Vaccination

However, it hasn’t share updated statistics on how many individuals received fully or partially vaccinated; Reuters evaluates the number of vaccine doses it administered more than fifteen million, which means almost 77.1 percent of the total population of the country received both vaccination doses.

On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates federal authority recently raised concerns about new mounting cases and deaths linked to the more transmittable delta variant. At present, UAE is averaging just more than twenty-one hundred new COVID-19 cases and six new deaths daily, the latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University shows.

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