Home Updates Afghanistan will Likely Erupt in Civil War – Mark Milley

Afghanistan will Likely Erupt in Civil War – Mark Milley

The top US General Mark Milley told American media Saturday that the conditions in Afghanistan are likely to develop of a civil war

The top United States general Mark Milley told American media Saturday that Afghanistan would possibly erupt in civil war. He further warned that those conditions could see a revival of terrorist groups in the country. Moreover, as U.S. forces started their withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban captured the country in a lightning campaign, with only province Panjshir holding out against the forceful Islamists.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley, told Fox News that his military estimate is that the current circumstances are possibly developing civil war in the country. A journalist asked him whether the Taliban would be able to join power and found effective governance. Milley answered him that there is at least a strong chance of a wider civil war and that will ultimately lead to circumstances that might, in fact, lead to the growth of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) or other terrorist groups or lead to a re-formation of al-Qaida.

He emphasized that he couldn’t foresee what would happen next in the country; he, however, gave a miserable evaluation. Milley told Fox News that the conditions are very likely in Afghanistan that you could perceive a resurgence of terrorism occurring in that general region within one, two, or three years. Furthermore, the U.S. attacked Afghanistan and fell the first Taliban regime in 2001 following the 9/11 attacks by al-Qaida.

Afghanistan may again Become a Heaven for Extremists

Western countries still fear that Afghanistan may become a haven for extremist groups once again bent on attacking them. Additionally, the U.S. said it would maintain an over-the-horizon ability to combat any threats to its security in Afghanistan. Millet highlighted the tenuous situation in the western city of Herat as women gathered to protest for demoing their rights.

An Italian medical aid organization, Emergency, said that on Friday night, Taliban fighters pushed further into the Panjshir Valley and reached the Anabah village, where the organization has medical facilities. Emergency officials stated that they received a small number of wounded individuals at the Anabah Surgical Centre. On Friday, festive gunfire resounded in the Afghan capital as reports spread of the Taliban’s capture of Panjshir. According to news agencies, around seventeen people died and forty-one injured.

Afghanistan will Likely Erupt in Civil War – Mark Milley
Afghanistan will Likely Erupt in Civil War – Mark Milley
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What role will ISI Chief Play in Afghanistan?

Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Chief, flew into Kabul on Saturday. Still, his agenda is not clear, but according to last week’s statement of a senior official in Pakistan, Hameed could help the Taliban reorganize the Afghan military. On the other side, Washington accused Pakistan and its intelligence agency of backing the Taliban in the group’s two-decade war against the United States-backed government in Kabul. But Islamabad denied the allegations from Washington.

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the co-founder of the Taliban, could be in line to head the new government in Afghanistan. Some Taliban sources said that the new government would include all groups of Afghans. Further, he added that the new government would provide maximum security to the people because it is necessary and utmost for the economic development of the country.

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