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Alex Jones Sued January 6 House Committee

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones will not comply with demands the House select committee investigating 6th January has made for his testimony

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Sued January 6 House Committee

Right-wing provocateur and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones filed a lawsuit on Monday to say that he will not comply with the House select January 6th investigative committee demands made for his records and testimony. The suit seeks to block the claims, and subpoenas Jones should protect under the First Amendment. The theorist says that he will also decline to answer questions, not convict himself.

The lawsuit comes at a time when the House select committee pushed forcefully or witnessed to share what they knew about the planning of the January 6th riot and the reaction of the-U.S. President Donald Trump to violence at the Capitol – with some top personalities helping the probe while others, particularly those who are well-known among the far-right supporters of the former president, declined to comply.

In recent weeks, the committee demanded call phone records from over a hundred people, including Jones, and sent subpoenas directly to at least fifty people. According to the lawsuit, the committee called Alex Jones to testify on January 10th. Last week, an aide told CNN that the InfoWars host was engaging with the committee.

However, Jones suggests that any discussions he may have had with the House select committee deviated from his suit. He raised concerns that the House will refer him to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for criminal contempt – an approach they took with two witnesses so far, former adviser Steve Bannon and Meadows, who failed to testify by the deadline of the House and faced charges of a misdemeanor.

Jones offered to Answer Questions in Writing Instead of Interview

According to Jones, he offered to answer questions in writing and hand over questions in writing instead of testifying in an interview. In response, the committee refused to accept any records he had. Moreover, the effort to drag the House select committee investigation into court follows other legal challenges from witnesses’ congressional investigative agents pursued, including Ali Alexander and Mark Meadows. However, the intentions of Jones in the lawsuit are much bigger than theirs.

Alex Jones Sued January 6 House Committee
Alex Jones Sued January 6 House Committee
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The lawsuit states that the right-wing provocateur notified the Select Committee that he intends to beg his right to stay quiet under the U.S. 5th Amendment. Moreover, the committee suggested approaching courts to seek immunity for Jones and other witnesses. The suit also says that Jones is challenging the subpoena from the U.S. House to AT&T Inc. – a U.S. multinational conglomerate holding company – for his smartphone records. A notice the smartphone company sent him to said that it would turn the records over four days ago, such as December 16th.

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