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America and Iran Agree on way back to 2015 Nuclear Deal

America and Iran Settled on the way back to 2015 Nuclear Agreement

America and Iran Agree on the way back to 2015 Nuclear Accord
America and Iran Agree on the way back to 2015 Nuclear Accord Source: Web

In indirect debates in Vienna, Iran and America settled on Tuesday to synchronize Iran’s limiting uranium enrichment and Washington’s lifting of sanctions. Two groups try to get back both nations back into compliance with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Moreover, all stakeholders agreed to create one working group in a meeting of the current members of the agreement to focus on how to get America back to the nuclear deal by lifting strict economic sanctions imposed on Iran after former U.S. President Donald Trump withdraw his nation out of the deal in May 2018.

The other working group of the talks will focus on bringing Iran back into compliance with the limitations of the agreement on nuclear enrichment, including restricting uranium stockpiles. According to the Russian representative and the ambassador to international organizations in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov said that both groups already started their efforts for the success of the negotiations. Ulyanov called the recent meeting on the nuclear deal an initial success.

Ulyanov cautioned that restoration of the accord would not occur instantly in a tweet, but it will take some time. No one knows the exact time of the success. The most important thing after the latest meeting is that real work toward achieving the target has been initiated.

Joe Biden Vowed to Bring United States Back into the Deal

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, proclaimed to bring his country back into the 2015 nuclear accord, which would mean lifting the sixteen hundred or so sanctions imposed on Iran after Trumped take out from the deal he regarded as too weak and tried to get back Iran to renegotiation table economic pressure. Because of those imposed sanctions, the European participants failed to deliver the economic benefits Iran was due. After around one year, in 2019, Iran started to violate the uranium enrichment restrictions of the deal.

Additionally, the American officials now evaluate that the escape time of Iran – the essential time to gather highly enough enriched uranium for establishing a nuclear weapon – is now down to a few months. Iranian officials say that they can return to the agreement instantly but insist they want America to lift sanctions first. On the other side, Washington wants Iran to return to the limitations of the accord first.

The new working groups aimed to create a proper road map for a joint return of both nations to compliance. However, even if there is accord, the verification process will take some time given the technical acquiescence and lack of trust on both sides. At present, companies that want to make a trade with Iran that previously hit when Trump reimposed harsh economic sanctions will want to be sure that the Biden administration won’t reimpose sanctions.

The U.S. also wants to compel Iran to limit missiles and support for Shia militias

Iran will want to see economic benefits from the United States, not just its promise, and America will want the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to assure that Iran will return to compliance and not cheat again.

Furthermore, Iran met with the other members of the accord, such as China, Germany, the United Kingdom (U.K.), Russia, and China, under the leadership of the European Union (U.N.) – in an impressive hotel ballroom, while the United States team, led by Robert Malley, a special envoy, a worked separately in a neighboring hotel.

Iran refused to meet America directly, so the European countries are taking responsibility for shuttle diplomacy. America also wants to convince the Islamic republic to negotiate longer time limits for the nuclear deal and to start more negotiations on limiting missile development of Iran and support for Shia militias and allies through the region, including Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria.

America and Iran Agree on way back to 2015 Nuclear Deal
America and Iran Agree on the way back to 2015 Nuclear Deal
Source: Web

Furthermore, Iran announces that it has no interest in considering more negotiations until the American government rejoins the deal and restores the existing state of affairs with Iran. However, U.S. officials are trying to analyze Whether America and Iran can settle on how each side can come back into compliance with the nuclear accord – or, at least, make an effort to fill any gaps in a common understanding.

The deputy foreign minister, Abbas Araghchi, represented Iran in these talks. He was a key person from the Iranian side to negotiate the 2015 accord, recognized formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), under the administration of former President Barack Obama and President Biden, then vice president.

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