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Amy Coney Barret: Republican Senate confirms Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

Amy Coney Barret confirmed as Supreme court judge
Senate confirms Trump's Supreme Court nominee

On Monday, Senate Republicans voted to confirm President Trump’s Supreme court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barret, a major victory snagged by president and his fellow conservatives just days before Nov 3, 2020 elections. The move could change the balance in country’s elite court where the conservative majority can be clearly observed. The battle for the nomination could have gone on either side with 54-48 vote after the Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine opted to taken an exception form the part lines and joined the Democratic camp citing the nomination and vote was too close to the Election day.

Trump’s appointment of the new justice meant to replace Justice and liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away last month, marks the third such nomination during his time in White House. The President now has to his credit the delivery of the campaign promises to transform the federal courts through lifetime appointments in the higher courts.

Barret took oath on Monday night as a Supreme Court judge at a ceremony on the South lawn of the WH. A number of key Republican figures were present at the swearing in ceremony including James Lankford, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson and Mike Lee. Social distancing measures were observed on the Monday night event contrary to the scenes of Barrett’s nomination which was criticized by health experts as a super-spreader event.

Amy Coney Barret
Supreme Court Judge Amy Coney Barret

Barrett, 48 is likely to serve the Supreme court for decades as GOP and conservatives no have a 6-3 lead in the Supreme Court, a shift in the balance that could have critical implications through its rulings on a range of issues including Affordable Care Act and any disputes regarding the 2020 Presidential elections.

Senate Republicans, now having a majority in the court, acted in haste to ensure the nomination proceedings with a complete disregard of the concerns submitted by Democrats who opposed the hasty manner in which the nomination was carried out.

“By any objective standard, Judge Barrett deserves to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. The American people agree. In just a few minutes, she’ll be on the Supreme Court,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said ahead of the final confirmation vote.

Justice Clearance Thomas will supervise the official Constitutional Oath to Barrett at the WH, a senior WH official informed CNN. The cynical power grab attempted by the Republicans has been assailed by liberals after a defeat in bitterly-divided Senate. With a few exceptions Senate Republican rallied quickly to vote the nomination of Trump while Democrats toed the party line.