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Beijing & Moscow Pledged Closer Ties to Overcome US Global Influence

Russian announcement to send military troops into two separate regions of eastern Ukraine became a problematic situation for China as it vowed closer ties with Moscow

China & Russia Vowed Closer Ties to Overcome US Global Influence

Analysts say that the Russian decision to deploy military troops into two pro-independence regions in eastern Ukraine is enforcing a challenging choice for Beijing, which aligned itself closer with Russia. However, it could face blowback from NATO allies if it backs the one-sided redrawing of international borders.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s administration officially recognized the self-declared Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Democracies and ordered peacekeepers into the disputed regions. However, the situation is tricky for Xi Jinping, the President of China, who declared a no-limits partnership with Moscow earlier in February following a meeting with the Russian leader. So, that meeting was the latest evidence that Beijing and Moscow drew closer as both efforts to counter American influence globally.

Analysts across the world say Beijing is likely worried about foreign chaos that might impact its economy, specifically during the sensitive last year if the national political strategy is meant to shape President Xi’s indefinite rule. Moreover, Beijing long insisted it resists interference in the internal affairs of other nations; now, it may be concerned about its global reputation taking a hit.

China Called on to Return on the Minsk Agreements

Wang Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister, told the Munich Security Conference (MSC) – the conference ended on 20th February – that the international community should respect the sovereignty of all countries. In recent weeks, Beijing called for a curb on all sides in Ukraine, in addition to returning to the Minsk Agreements, which intends to restore peace following the outbreak of violence along the Russian-Ukraine border in 2014.

Beijing & Moscow Pledged Closer Ties to Overcome US Global Influence
Beijing & Moscow Pledged Closer Ties to Overcome US Global Influence
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During his remarks at an emergency meeting on the Ukraine issue at the U.N. Security Council, Chinese United Nations envoy Zhang Jun said he calls all sides to practice restraint. But he didn’t mention the Minsk Agreements. Furthermore, the director of the Asia Program at the German Marshall Fund of the U.S., Bonnie Glaser, said that the address reads like a placeholder. She concluded her statement by saying that Beijing still has not decided its policy response.

Beijing may also be averse to damaging its economic and diplomatic relationship with European countries, which is strongly conflicting with the Russian aggression of Ukraine. Senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, Robert Kagan argued in an editorial in the Washington Post that China and Russia may have the determination to form a tie that can negate large swaths of American dominance.

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