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Biden Condemned Failed Killing Attempt Against Iraqi PM

The U.S. President Biden has come forward with a statement following a failed assassination attempt to kill Iraqi leader Mustafa al-Kadhimi

Joe Biden Condemned Failed Assassination Attempt Against Al-Kadhimi

According to the Iraqi military statement, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, the Prime Minister of Iraq, escaped in a drone assassination attempt on Sunday after it targeted his residency in Baghdad. The prime minister took Twitter a few moments after the attack and called his people to stay calm and restrained from everyone. He also said that he was fine and among his people. Joe Biden, the United States President, strongly condemned the failed assassination attempt against al-Kadhimi.

According to the Associated Press, the armed drones left the prime minister unharmed but unfortunately injured members of his security detail. Moreover, the U.S. president stated that he was comforted that the Iraqi leader remained unharmed in the unfortunate incident, and he highly praised the leadership al-Kadhimi that he showed in calling for restraint, calm, and discussion to protect the democracy of Iraq.

Statement from the Iraqi Prime Minister after the Attacks

According to General Saad Maan, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, seven of the security personnel of the prime minister wounded in the terrorist attack within the Green Zone of Baghdad. While the Iraqi leader reportedly suffered a small cut during the attack, and later, he appeared on the national television with a dressing on his left hand. Al-Kadhimi called the drone attacks gutless and cowardly and said they work against Iraq’s better future.

Further, he added that he was and still is a recovery project for his country and its people. The attacks of betrayal will not discourage the advocates and will shale a hair of the determination and stability of the heroic Iraqi security forces to preserve the security of people and achieve justice, and set the country’s law in place.

Maan explained that just two armed drones involved in the cowardly assassination attempt and that the targeters launched the attacks from about twelve kilometers northeast of Iraq’s capital Baghdad. Furthermore, the Iraqi military shot down one of the drone attacks. The Iraqi army said that security forces were taking essential steps in connection with this failed assassination effort.

A source familiar with the internal matters said Sunday that Al-Kadhimi was returning from administering security forces involved in a deadlock with protestors at the southern gate of Baghdad’s Green Zone, around the time of the drone attack. The source also said that as the prime minister entered his residence, an armed drone targeted his residence and caused minor damage.

Biden Condemned Failed Killing Attempt Against Iraqi PM
The US President Joe Biden Condemned Failed Assassination Attempt Against Al-Kadhimi
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Condemnation of Assassination Attack from Leader Across the World

On Sunday, the United States Department of State condemned the terrorist attack on the Iraqi prime minister. The department added that the U.S. officials are in close contact with the security forces of Iraq that charged with upholding the independence and sovereignty of Iraq and offered American assistance as they investigate the attack, according to the statement of the State Department’s spokesman, Ned Price.

Nechirvan Barzani, the Kurdish Regional Government’s President, the semi-autonomous region in northern Iraq, also condemned the failed killing attempt against the Iraqi prime minister and called it a terrorist act that marks a dangerous development that threatens stability and security in Iraq and signifies terrible consequences.

In addition, the influential Shia Muslim member of the clergy and the leader of the Sadrist Movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, called the happening a terrorist act that returns the country to a state of anarchy to be controlled by non-governmental forces so that Iraqi people live under pain of terrorism, violence, and riots, so that interferences and dangers from outside swept it from here and there.

Al-Sadr and his allied members won over seventy seats in Iraqi parliamentary elections held around fifteen days ago, gaining considerable numbers since the previous elections in 2018, when they won fifty-four seats. Moreover, the Arab League, an organization of twenty-two Middle Eastern and African nations and the Palestine Liberation Organization, condemned the failed assassination drone attacks and said that Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit spoke with the Iraqi prime minister on a phone call.

The league also stressed that the recent elections represented a significant shift towards stability in Iraq and called on all political parties to respect their results and work within the framework of the country’s constitution, the rules, and laws of the democratic political game.

Who carried out the assassination drone attacks?

Still, no one claimed responsibility for the failed assassination attempt.