Home Updates Biden Decided to Withdraw all U.S. Troops in Afghanistan by 11 Sep

Biden Decided to Withdraw all U.S. Troops in Afghanistan by 11 Sep

US President Joe Biden Decided to Withdraw all American Troops in Afghanistan by 11 September 2021

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, decided to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by 11th September, twenty years after the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center launched the nation into its longest war, according to the American officials. Furthermore, the decision will keep over three thousand U.S. troops in Afghanistan beyond the 1st May withdrawal deadline announced by the former president Donald Trump’s administration.

However, it indicates what Biden plans to present as a conclusive end to the Forever War of America. Governmental officials said that since Biden was fixing a final date on United States troop withdrawal, he expected to avoid a surge in violence – which the Taliban threatened if America kept troops beyond 1st May. On Tuesday, Washington Post reported the decision of the American government.

Additionally, the latest intelligence report released on Tuesday offered a grim evaluation of Afghanistan and peace scenarios in the region. The United States intelligence agencies evaluated that a peace agreement was doubtful in the next year and that the Taliban of Afghanistan would make battleground gains. The report states that the Afghan administration will face difficulties to hold the Taliban at bay if the alliance withdraws support.

The exit of American forces from Afghanistan could Trigger a Wider Civil War

Military and other government officials who suggested American troops should remain in Afghanistan longer had cited a similar classified intelligence assessment to ask for a slower drawdown. They showed their concern that the complete exit of American troops from the country could trigger a broader civil war and opens up the way for an ultimate return of terrorist groups.

Biden Decided to Withdraw all U.S. Troops in Afghanistan by 11 Sep
Biden Decided to Withdraw all U.S. Troops in Afghanistan by 11 September
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The Tuesday report didn’t contain an assessment of the possibility of a return of Al Qaeda to Afghanistan. Whereas some senior officials remain doubtful that the Taliban would allow it. But the report did say that Afghan administrative forces continued to hold major cities of the country. However, they tied down in defensive missions in the country and struggled to keep recaptured areas and territories.

Lloyd J. Austin III, the Defense Secretary, and Antony J. Blinken, the Secretary of State, are in Europe, and undoubtedly, they will discuss Biden’s withdrawal plans with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies. Afghan officials have fears that Biden’s decision to keep American troops in Afghanistan beyond the 1st May deadline, as mentioned in last year’s peace agreement deal, would pressure the Afghan government to release approximately seventy thousand Taliban prisoners the rebellious group long asked to be released.

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