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Biden Economic Plan to mainly focus on Infrastructure

This week, Joe Biden, the President of the United States, will launch his multitrillion-dollar economic recovery package. He is focusing on rebuilding bridges, roads, and other infrastructure. Whereas the recovery plan followed by another plan later in April addressing health and child care. Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, confirmed on Sunday that the plans of the federal government to split the package into two legislative proposals in an effort to take support from Congressional Republican leaders.

However, Psaki adds that the White House will work with the House and Senate to see how it should move forward. The president will release further details in a speech Wednesday in Pittsburgh about his proposal for investments in physical infrastructure countrywide, a problem that drawn Republican’s support despite vigilance over an expensive package as soon after approval of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan.

Meanwhile, Democratic leaders are intending for the approval of a broader package that may include policy changes on issues such as immigration, green energy, and others – as well as make permanent some of the recently passed coronavirus assistance child tax credits. Several of them ready to bypass the Republic representatives if they have to.

Psaki told Fox News Sunday that the White House had still unclear on its legislative strategy. She also suggests that as per her thought, Republicans think that the U.S. should be thirteenth in the world in infrastructure. Railways, roads, rebuilding these projects is not a partisan issue.

The White House is Discussing $3 Trillion Package

Psaki further adds that another proposal in April will address several issues that Americans are struggling with – the cost of health care and childcare. According to a source familiar with the options who insisted on secrecy to discuss private discussions, plans are still in the instability phase, with the White House previously discussing a mutual $3 trillion in spending to boost the country’s economy and improve the quality of life of common nationals.

Moreover, Psaki adds that they are still working out the overall package, but he will introduce some other ways to pay for that, and the president is willing to hear ideas from Republicans as well. Whereas the Republican party supports a narrow infrastructure bill focusing on bridges and roads and balk at the scope and size of the overall plan of Biden along with his focus on the environment.

Biden Economic Plan to mainly focus on Infrastructure
Biden Economic Plan to mainly focus on Infrastructure
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Biden Pledged $2 Trillion in “Accelerated” Investments during the Presidential Campaign

Joe Biden vowed a $2 trillion plan in accelerated investments during his presidential campaign to shift to cleaner energy, repair roads & bridges, support public transit and build half a million charging stations for electric automobiles. Democratic representatives used a fast-track budget process such as reconciliation to approve the president’s COVID-19 relief package without the support of Republicans.

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However, work on passing comprehensive infrastructure legislation in a Senate split fifty-fifty with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris providing a tiebreaking poll could prove tougher. Moderate Senator Joe Manchin recently announced to block infrastructure legislation of Republicans denied giving their support. Whereas he urged his colleagues of both parties in a tweet for creating economic growth across the country.