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Biden Extends his Lead Over Sanders for Democratic Presidential Nomination

Former, VP Joe Biden has cemented his position as Democratic nominee after handing Sanders another cold defeat on another Super Tuesday. The victory in the swing state of Michigan has boosted hopes for Biden to shut the nomination door on Sanders as he also bagged Mississippi, Idaho and Missouri. Nevertheless, Michigan remained the biggest prize of primary voting for Democratic establishment’s favorite. The things started to change for Bernie when Biden clinched South Carolina last week before adding Missouri and Mississippi at night followed by Idaho on Wednesday morning.

Biden with the lead has now picked up the serious pace he will need at next week’s primary contests where up to 577 delegates would be available on demand. Sander’s who with his progressive wing may now be in serious trouble to pull off a democratic socialist coup in the democratic party as many fear that he is too radical to take on Trump in General Election.

Biden with 85% of the vote counted in Michigan leads by over 160,000 votes and ahs extended his lead to more than 100 with optics suggesting that he will have more favorable and supportive battlefield in this month’ contest as he looks more formidable to damage Sander’s narrative and strengths i.e. working class and younger vote.

Biden thanked Vermont Senator’s supporters in a victory speech at Philadelphia. “I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their tireless energy and their passion,” expressed Biden in a humble victory speech at National Constitution Center after the canceling of his Ohio rally over concerns of novel Covid-19.

“We share a common goal and together we will defeat Donald Trump. We will defeat him together. We are going to bring this nation together,” he emphasized.

His performance in Michigan seemed doppelganger of the last Super Tuesday where he was successful to attract the African American voters in urban areas while suburban white voters didn’t appear close to Sanders. Earlier on Tuesday, the former VP cranked up the pace by winning two more wins in Mississippi where he was favored by black vote and Missouri. Biden reaffirmed his strength among the black voters in Southern states and maintained his hot streak after some weeks earlier.

Caucuses in North Dakota and Primaries in Washington state are also up for vote in the backdrop of corona outbreak that has affected both the candidates as they called off night rallies in the key state of Ohio that goes to the polls in the coming week. Officials in Super Tuesday II states were busy disinfecting polling facilities in an effort to prevent the outspread. Thankfully in Washington state that is among the worst hit areas in the nation, turnout will consist of mail-in ballots. The authorities have still cautioned voters not to lick their envelopes during voting.

Biden’s ruthless run in Michigan and other state has left Sanders with serious questions who with his fundraising juggernaut can stay in the race as long as he wishes to.

The Vermont Senator flew back to Burlington where he resides and there was a silence form his camp as he elected not to give a speech after the results came in. Sander’s campaign has been losing the spark ever since he triumphed in the New Hampshire primary and the Nevada caucuses in Feb.

The once-promising senators with the gliding wins triggered the drop outs of other Democratic candidates including Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar who subsequently endorsed Mr. Biden after their withdrawals.

Joe Biden Cements his Place for General Election Against Trump

“There’s no sugar-coating it – tonight is a tough night. Tonight, is a tough night for the movement overall,” said Sander’s top aide, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Despite a disappointing night, there is more expect in the two-man race as they will clash in a CNN debate on Sunday night in Arizona. Sanders, 78 no doubt holds a great support-base among young voters but has so far failed to translate that into electoral success in most recent contests for the nomination. With a tough road of primaries ahead, Sanders can still spring back from the crushing Michigan defeat and Biden can built more on his jaw dropping success.

“This was his path. Tonight, was his path,” one top Sanders’ surrogate said. “It didn’t happen.”

It is still uncertain if Mr. Sanders will stay in the race until party convention in July. For nomination, a candidate needs the support of 1,991 delegates. Before Tuesday’s vote Biden was sailing with 648 and Sanders had 563. The former vice president has now won 15 out of 24 states.

Biden’s Reaction

“It is more than a comeback, this campaign,” said Biden. “It is comeback for the soul of this nation. Tonight, we are a step closer to restoring dignity and honor to the White House,” he went on to add.

We have to lead the world again,” the former VP said. “Donald Trump’s America First policy has made America alone,” he lamented.