Home Updates Biden hiding from his self-created border crisis – Scalise

Biden hiding from his self-created border crisis – Scalise

Biden Open-Border Policies surging Humanitarian Crisis – Abbot

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, knows that there is an immigration crisis at the country’s border, but he is hiding away from it, and he is hiding out that the problem will go away, according to the statement of House Minority leader Whip Steve Scalise. Scalise said on Mornings with Maria at Fox Business that the situation is getting worse because of Biden’s policies. What former President Trump was doing was working. The current president may not like Trump, but if his policy was working, at least continue with that.

Joe Biden can still reverse his own immigration policies by executive order and stop the border humanitarian crisis at the border that is happening with children arriving alone at the country’s border. Scalise said that those immigrants are overwhelming communities along the border, and it seems like he does not care about their plight because he is running socialist agenda that the left wants. So, this is not some social experiment. It has an overwhelming impact on these unaccompanied children in several cases, left just to resist themselves after exploitation in some cases along the journey, the twenty-plus-day journey for some of them.

Biden Ordered to Stop Constructing the Border Wall

Scalise said that Biden went on day one since his inauguration, stopped building the wall on the border, he ordered to stop construction on the wall that was underworking, and it actually costs more money to stop executing those agreements. That under-construction wall that Trump had put in place had been successful at securing the nation’s border. What Joe Biden did is put the open sign at the border of the United States border, and they are coming in by the thousands every day.

Scalise further noted that Jeh Johnson, the former Department of Homeland Security secretary under former President Obama, said that it was a serious problem if he saw over one thousand crossings in one day illegally. Now around three thousand to four thousand immigrants are coming daily. It is a major humanitarian crisis, and the country is facing it badly. Furthermore, young kids that are drawn across the border, many are brought across by cartels, coyotes are sexually exploiting the young girls coming across.

Biden Open-Border Policies surging Humanitarian Crisis – Governor Abbot
Biden Open-Border Policies surging Humanitarian Crisis – Governor Abbot
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Biden Administration is Making Plans for a Major Federal Tax Hike

After the arrival of young migrants, the authorities didn’t keep them in proper places because the system was overwhelming, and it was the president’s fault. However, Biden refuses to visit the border, but he is touring the rest of the country to tout the $1.9 trillion coronavirus bill. Moreover, the Biden administration is reportedly making plans for approving the first major federal tax hike since 1993 to pay for the long-standing economic program following the COVID-19 pandemic bill, and Scalise said America needs to be saved from the socialist agenda that was being rammed through Congress.

More than ninety percent of the 1.9% trillion bill has nothing to do with public everyday health needs in the coronavirus relief bill. Scalise added that they tried to put health relief money in to double the number of vaccines, and the Biden administration rejected it. The bill contains $1400 checks going to criminals in federal prisons. Is it reflecting a coronavirus-related item? Furthermore, the officials banned states from cutting taxes in the bill, and they borrowed the money from children, and they will raise taxes on hard-working common families to pay for this.

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