Home Updates Biden Increases vaccination goal to 1.5 million per day

Biden Increases vaccination goal to 1.5 million per day

After facing criticism, the United States President Joe Biden announced to achieve the goal of vaccinating 1.5 million people in a single day very soon. Last week he said that one million vaccines would administer on a daily basis in the initial hundred days of his presidency. However, some media agencies noted that Americans already close to reaching that target under the presidency of former President Donald Trump. Biden also modified Trump-administration coronavirus bans on Monday, adding South Africa.

What did the president say?

On Monday, Biden said that he hoped to achieve 1.5 million vaccinations administered daily. He added that he hoped to increase the daily coronavirus vaccination to 1.5 million. It relates this to his hope. Last week, at the Trump government’s tail-end, the United States already reached an average of almost 980,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses administered daily.

When a reporter of Associated Press news agency asked last Thursday why Biden didn’t aim more, she shot back: Come on, give me a broken man. However, CNN rated Biden’s claim about the media as false. During the press conference on Monday, a reporter suggested to Biden that he changed his tone on defeating the public health crisis, mentioning that as a candidate he vowed to shut down coronavirus, only to say last week: “There is nothing they can do to change the course of the coronavirus pandemic in the next few coming months.”

The president replied that he intends to look a long time to get there, and it might take a long time to beat it. She showed his confidence to beat the deadly virus.

What’s happening with the United States travel bans?

On Monday, the Biden administration renewed Trump-era coronavirus travel bans on non-United States visitors from Brazil and Europe, including Ireland and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the White House imposed the latest ban on South Africa because of its coronavirus variant. Former President Trump had ordered the bans to end on 26th January as one of his final acts in office.

The new travel restrictions from the U.S. came Minnesota recorded the first United States case of the Brazil variant from a citizen who had previously traveled to that country. On Monday, the Minnesota Department of Health said that this case marks the Brazil P.1 variant’s first documented case in the country. The anonymous patient lives in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region, according to the department.

Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary of the White House, confirmed the decision to continue the ban on foreign travelers on Monday. Moreover, she told reporters that with the worsening of the pandemic and the spreading of more contagious variants, they couldn’t lift international travel restrictions. All international travelers must need a negative test within three days of air travel to America.

Biden Increases vaccination goal to 1.5 million per day
Biden Increases vaccination goal to 1.5 million per day
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What is the current situation in the United States?

The United States had over double the cases of the next highest nation, India. America recorded more than four lac and twenty-five thousand deaths – almost twice as many as Brazil recorded, the second-highest – and more than twenty-five million cases. New York City postponed plans for three mass vaccination sites because of a low supply of vaccine doses.

City administration was coordinating plans to turn two baseball stadiums along with an outlet mall into vaccination hubs, but vaccine supply didn’t fulfill the demand. California also lifted a stay-at-home order imposed previously in December as officials said estimates for hospital ICU capacity had improved. Moreover, Governor Gavin Newsom is facing too much criticism over his refusal to share the statistics used by his administration to drive coronavirus policy decisions.

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