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Biden Open-Border Policies surging Humanitarian Crisis – Abbot

Texas Governor Greg Abbott states that the open border policies of U.S. President Joe Biden are empowering and enriching cartels in Mexico and inviting more illegal immigration to the United States. Abbott told Maria Bartiromo, the Sunday Morning Futures anchor of Fox News, that he visited the border last week to meet border patrol officers. Moreover, the officers warned that the Biden administration’s new policies would lead to a surge of illegal migrants in the coming months. Eventually, it will overwhelm facilities at the border already under strain because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, the Biden administration tapped the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help lead the response. The agency, part of the Department of Homeland Security, is now making efforts to expand available accommodation for migrants. The president’s open-border policies are inviting even more illegitimate immigration and actually sparks a humanitarian crisis. Abbott further adds that the surge endangers the officers of the Border Patrol because of their coronavirus exposure and not initially receive the vaccination.

So, the border patrol agents are open in harm’s way in many ways. The one main reason is that they have to deal with the surge in the cartel activities of Mexican drugs. Likewise, another way in which border patrol agents are facing dangers that the Biden government was not providing coronavirus vaccines for the border patrol police in the Rio Grande Valley region.

Texas Governor demanded COVID-19 infections

The governor also adds that they demanded total numbers on coronavirus of those crossing the border. He is expecting answers from the Biden government immediately this week. The state needs the total number of immigrants caught at the border who tested positive for the virus. In addition, the Texas state is responsible for completely reporting out anybody in the state who has coronavirus. Abbott continued that the Biden administration failed and refused to give to Texas to share the exact figures of migrants having coronavirus.

In February, United States Customs and Border Protection officers encountered over one lac migrants trying to enter America, almost three times increase from one year earlier. Over five thousand and seven hundred unaccompanied detained at the U.S. border in January, the highest total for that month during the last few years. The White House faces huge criticism as hundreds of migrant children unaccompanied in rudimentary Border Patrol facilities beyond the three-day dictated limit by a 1997 court settlement. The authorities supposed to transfer unaccompanied minors to the care center of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which has longer-term housing facilities and tries to connect underage immigrants with families already in America.

Criticizers Energized

The decision to use Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) resources may help reduce the strain on some facilities while energizing critics of Republicans. White House press secretary Jen Psaki and Mayorkas refused to call the border situation a crisis while accepting it’s become challenging for the administration. On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on ABC’s This Week that Biden’s government inherited a broken system at the country’s border, and they are working to correct that. However, Republican leaders put the blame directly on the new government, picking up on the latest comments from former U.S. President Donald Trump, who shared a statement on 5th March with a warning of a spiraling tsunami of migrants at the border.

Biden Open-Border Policies surging Humanitarian Crisis – Abbot
Biden Open-Border Policies surging Humanitarian Crisis – Abbot
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Border is Open

Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, is expected to lead a delegation of fellow Republican leaders to the border on Monday to highlight the immigration issues. Along with the FEMA assistance ordered Saturday, the government announced plans in recent days to increase the number of HHS facilities to transfer underage children and to speed up the number of children in existing facilities, despite COVID-19 predictions. Veronica Escobar, the Democratic Representative, said on CNN that it is unacceptable, but the administration should acknowledge that the flow of migrants arriving at the front door never stopped.

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