Home Updates Biden plans to sign executive orders rejoining Paris Climate accord

Biden plans to sign executive orders rejoining Paris Climate accord

On his first day in office, Democratic President-elect Joe Biden plans to sign several executive orders, including ending the travel ban on predominantly Muslim countries and rejoining the Paris climate accord, according to a memo from incoming chief of staff Ron Klain. Biden will also sign orders halting expulsions and student loan payments during the COVID-19 pandemic and issuing an order to mandate masks on all federal property. He will perform these actions in an effort to roll back the moves of the Trump administration or to advance policy in such a way that was not possible in the current administration.

These are some of the most common campaign trail promises of Biden to solve an issue on his first day in office. According to the New York Times, he pledges on everything from immigration to foreign policy to climate change, and many of them also reflected in the Saturday memo of Klain. Klain writes that Biden promises to take instant action to start handling these crises efficiently during the campaign. As president, Biden will keep those promises and signs several executive orders, orders to Cabinet agencies, and presidential memoranda in fulfillment of the promises he made.

Beyond his executive orders in his initial days in office, the memo highlights that president-elect plans to send Congress an extensive immigration plan within his first hundred days in office. The plan would offer a way to the public for the millions of undocumented migrations currently in America.

$109 trillion Coronavirus Relief Package

Democratic Biden initiated his first legislative priority this week and announced a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package that included direct payments to the American public. Whereas the memo makes clear a key part of the overall strategy of Biden includes getting Congress to act efficiently on his legislative priorities, somewhat Biden ran on by stressing his relationships with the Republican leaders in the Senate. His focus is an acknowledgment that only done through executive order.

Biden plans to sign executive orders rejoining Paris Climate accord
Biden plans to sign executive orders rejoining Paris Climate accord
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Klain wrote that full success of the policy objects of Biden-Harris requires not only the executive actions Biden promised to take but also strong Congressional action. According to Klain, one day after the inauguration, Biden will sign a number of executive actions to move proficiently to change the course of the coronavirus crisis and safely re-open businesses and schools, including by taking action to lessen spread through increasing testing, establishing clear public health standards and protecting workers.

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