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Biden Pushes Plan to Combat Gun Violence

The Biden Administration is taking additional steps to reduce gun crimes & violence and to make communities safer.

President Joe Biden Pushes Plan to Address Gun Violence

On 3rd February, Joe Biden, the President of the United States, initiated a new move to fight gun violence, requesting for ramped up prosecutions of violent lawbreakers and starting new strategies to chase the flow of illegal weapons and track illegal gun sales. In addition, the president visited New York City and discussed with Eric Adams, the new mayor of New York City, who has had to cope with the killings of two police officers and a civilian in his first month in office.

This new plan develops on the steps Biden took since his government started to stop the flow of gun violence, strengthen local, state, and federal law enforcement to interrupt, prevent, and cut violence and increase financial support for community policing. Biden committed to serving as a solid companion for states and communities that are fighting against crime on the frontline.

Additionally, the president recognizes the crucial role that national law enforcement plays in supporting their local partners – specifically in stopping the federal flow of guns used in crimes, such as the gun used in the disastrous recent deadly shooting of two New York City Police Department officers. As a result, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) launched five gun trafficking strike forces. The department also executed a countrywide strategy to control violent crime, which focused on taking thousands of crime guns and offenders off the streets during the last year.

Biden’s Comprehensive Strategy to Cut Gun Violence

In June 2021, the U.S. President announced a wide-ranging strategy of five-part to combat the constant hike in gun crime cities all over the country experienced since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. Here below, we will discuss some points of the president’s strategy:

  • Backs local law enforcement departments with centralized resources and tools to combat violent crime
  • Expands employment opportunities, summer programming, and other services and supports for youngsters and teenagers
  • Support local law enforcement agencies with national resources and tools to combat violent crime
  • Helps previously detained people successfully reenter their communities
  • Cut off the flow of firearms that used in violent crimes
Biden Pushes Plan to Combat Gun Violence
President Joe Biden Pushes Plan to Address Gun Violence
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New Actions to Implement Biden’s Comprehensive Strategy

The DOJ announced a set of important new actions to address the flow of firearms used to commit violence. So, the justice department will:

  • Focus on stemming violent crime by overseeing every American Attorney’s Office countrywide to increase resources dedicated to district-specific violent lawbreaking strategies. The DOJ will work with local and state law enforcement to combat the most important handlers of violence in every district.
  • Introduce a National Ghost Gun Enforcement Initiative, which will train a federal force of prosecutors and publicize investigation and prosecution tools to help bring cases against those offenders who use ghost guns to commit crimes.
  • Track unlawful gun sellers that put firearms in the wrong hands by taking significant steps like focusing on national prosecutions of those who criminally transfer or sell firearms used in violent crimes. It also includes unlicensed dealers who trade guns with criminals without crosschecking backgrounds.

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