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President Biden Requests Humanitarian, Military Support for Ukraine

Biden administration has requested 10 Bn dollars in military, humanitarian, and economic assistance for Ukraine.

President Biden Requests Humanitarian, Military Support for Ukraine

The US President Joe Biden administration has requested 10 Bn dollars in military, humanitarian, and economic assistance for Ukraine. In a letter to fellow Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, the U.S. House Speaker, said late Sunday that the United States Congress aims to enact this emergency funding in the current week as part of their omnibus administration funding lawmaking.

The U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukrainian President, made a desperate request for jets to fight against Russian aggressors during a video conference with U.S. policymakers. In the Democratic-controlled United States Congress, there’s solid bilateral support for 10 Bn dollars in emergency humanitarian and military assistance for Ukraine following Russia’s large-scale incursion on 24th February. Over 280 Senate and House of Representative members participated in the video-call.

The Ukrainian leader has frequently requested Europe to impose a no-fly zone over the former Soviet republic – Ukraine – but America and its Western allies and partners have rejected those calls concerning direct confrontation with Russia. Instead, America has pledged Volodymyr Zelenskyy military assistance, and Zelenskyy made a desperate request for Western nations to deliver Russian-made aircraft to Kyiv during a video-call on March 5, according to Schumer.

‘no-fly zone means World War III’

GOP lawmaker Macro Rubio said in the ‘This Week’ program that imposing a ‘no-fly zone’ over Ukraine said that would mean ‘Third World War.’ He thinks there’re several things they could do to help Kyiv protect itself. But he also ponders that people need to understand what implementing a ‘no-fly zone’ means. Moreover, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin said showed a less severe stance, adding that he’d take nothing off the table.

Furthermore, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy said that if he were President Zelenskyy, he’d be calling for a ‘no-fly zone.’ But he added that the issue is, there’s no such thing as a ‘no-fly zone.’ And according to the U.S. State Secretary, the U.S. leader is in regular contact with the Ukrainian leader about Ukraine’s desperate plea for additional fighter planes.

In Moldova, Antony Blinken told ‘Meet the Press’ that of course, they’re speaking very actively regarding this, seeing at what could do to backfill the Central European country of Poland, if it picks to send Su and MiGs jets, that it has, to Ukraine, how they could assist by replenishing what they are providing to Ukrainian forces.

Russia will Halt its ‘Special Operation’ if Ukrainians Stop Fighting

Additionally, Oksana Markarova, Ambassador of Ukraine to the US, renewed her country’s request for America to give it with anti-warfare and other military support, expressing that they should treat Russian Federation as a terrorist country. The 3rd round of discussions between Moscow and Kyiv is scheduled for Monday, March 7.

Biden Requests Humanitarian, Military Support for Ukraine
Biden Requests Humanitarian, Military Support for Ukraine
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David Arakhamiya, a Ukrainian negotiator, proclaimed the negotiations on Facebook on March 5. Russian and Ukrainian leaders have met two times in Belarus since Moscow attacked Ukraine, but cease-fires settled during those discussions to let innocent civilians leave the country have failed to hold. On Sunday, Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission President, said in an interview that there must be an examination into whether Moscow is committing potential ‘war crimes’ in Ukraine.

According to a senior American defense official, Russians have now committed inside their neighbor country about 95 percent of the military power they’d accumulated across the border. As of March 6, they estimate that nearly six hundred Russian missile strikes have occurred since the large-scale incursion started. However, the Russian leader contended Sunday that his ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine was going on as intended and wouldn’t stop until Ukrainian forces halt combating.

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