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Biden says the US will not Deploy Troops in Ukraine

Biden said that putting US troops on the ground in Ukraine to deter a potential Russian invasion was not on the discussion table

The United States will not Deploy Troops in Ukraine - Biden

On Wednesday, the United States President Joe Biden said that putting American troops in Ukraine to prevent a possible Russian invasion was not under discussion as tensions between Washington and Moscow eased slightly after a virtual video meeting this week. Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, said Russia would send ideas to the U.S. within a week to follow up his dialogues with the American president on Tuesday about the Ukraine crisis.

At the White House, Biden told reporters that he hoped there would be an announcement by Friday of high-level talks with Russia and key NATO allies to discuss the concerns of Moscow relative to NATO writ large and the chance of decreasing the temperature along the eastern front. Furthermore, the U.S. voiced mounting unease about a Russian military expansion near Ukraine, an ex-Soviet nation named toward the West since 2014.

Russian disagrees seeking to invade Ukraine and instead warns of a sneaking NATO expansion eastward. President Biden said that the U.S. had a legal and moral obligation to defend the allies of NATO if someone attacked them, but that obligation didn’t expand to Ukraine. When reporters asked the U.S. president if American troops would be used to stop a Russian attack on Ukraine, he replied this matter was not on the table. Instead, Russia has deepened its alliance with China during the last year.

Biden warned Putin of Economic Sanctions

On Tuesday, Biden warned the Russian president that if Moscow invaded Ukraine, the West would impose substantial economic sanctions, including other measures. On the other hand, Putin demanded guarantees that NATO wouldn’t expand to the east. None of the sides spoke of innovation after the two-hour-long video call but settled to keep discussing what the Russian president called this complex combative situation.

Moreover, Putin told reporters on Wednesday that both countries agree to continue the talks, do practically, and exchange each other’s ideas shortly. Russia will sketch out its ideas literally in some days and within a week will give this to the United States to consider. Since the dialogs, in his first public comments, Putin said that it was provoking to pose a question of whether his government planned to attack Ukraine and again accused NATO and Kyiv of threatening the security of Russia.

Biden says the US will not Deploy Troops in Ukraine
President Biden says the US will not Deploy Troops in Ukraine
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Biden to Speak Ukrainian President

On Thursday, the U.S. president is to speak with Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the President of Ukraine, to talk about the Russian military buildup and then arrange a call with the leaders of the Bucharest Nine group of Eastern European NATO partners, according to the statement from the White House. The Foreign Ministry of Russian said that it sent a note of protest to the United States Embassy over threatening flights of NATO and the U.S. military aircraft near the Russian border.

Dmytro Kuleba, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, told Reuters that the discussions between Putin and Biden had served the purpose of de-escalation and prevention. In addition, an official of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the U.S. might include a group of nations working to end the clash in eastern Ukraine for the first time.

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