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Biden to Nominate Wormuth to be the First Woman to lead Army

The White House said on Monday that the United States President Joe Biden planned to suggest a former senior Pentagon official, Christine Wormuth, to be the first female to lead the U.S. Army. After the approval from the Senate as Army secretary, she would become one of the most powerful officials in a defense establishment previously dominated by men.

Wormuth would work with General James McConville, the Army’s chief of staff, who doesn’t command soldiers directly but is responsible for equipping and training them along with the collaboration of the Army secretary. Still, Biden didn’t nominate anybody to serve as Navy or Air force secretary. Likewise, many other Pentagon designations require Senate confirmation.

The most senior U.S. Defense Department candidate is still waiting for the Senate approval, Colin Kahl picked to be undersecretary of defense for policy. Kahl’s recommendation arose from the committee on a thirteen-thirteen vote, and it is still not clear when the full Senate will act. Lloyd Austin, the Defense Secretary, praised the track record of Wormuth.

Austin said in a prepared statement that Christine is a true patriot of the United States with a dedicated professional career in service to the country and its security. He also called her a deeply experienced nominee for the position. Austin further added that after confirmation, she will undoubtedly lead army soldiers and represent the families of soldiers with integrity and honor as the secretary of the Army.

About Christine Wormuth

Previously, Wormuth led the Pentagon transition team of Joe Biden during the unrestrained period between the 2020 election and his Inauguration Day. At present, she is a director of the International Security & Defense Policy Center at RAND Corporation, an American federal-funded think tank. Whereas during the former President Barack Obama’s government, she served as the U.S. undersecretary of defense for policy.

Biden to Nominate Wormuth to be the First Woman to lead Army
Biden to Nominate Wormuth to be the First Woman to lead Army
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Additionally, the skillful woman served formerly as the senior director for defense policy on the National Security Council of Obama and held other prominent Defense Department positions. Her nomination would continue the president’s trend of selecting women and people of color for top Defense Department designations. Kathleen Hicks is the first female to hold the position of deputy defense secretary, and Lloyd Austin, the Black man, is the first Black secretary of defense of the United States.

In addition, the White House announced the nominations of Susanna Blume as director of Cost Assessment & Program Evaluation and Gil Cisneros as the undersecretary of defense for readiness and personnel. Whereas the Cost Assessment & Program Evaluation is a key office that offers independent evaluation and analysis of major defense activities and programs. Currently, she is serving as the interim director of that office and formerly held senior staff positions in the Pentagon. Similarly, Cisneros is a former Navy veteran and a past Congress member.

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