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Biden triumphs in Georgia to cement his President-elect status

Biden wins Georiga
Biden bags another victory

United States President-elect Joe Biden has cemented his projected success in state of Georgia becoming the first Democratic candidate to do so since 1992. This win has further bolstered Democrat’s victory giving him a total of 306 votes in the electoral college. Trump is projected to bag victory in North Carolina after reaching 232 votes.

Trump who has not yet conceded for the first time gave an indication of the possible new White House administration in January. A passive and humbled Trump stopped short of accepting his defeat during a briefing of COVID-19 task force at WH as he made his first public appearance since the projected defeat after keeping a low profile.

As daily caseload of coronavirus pandemic increases in US, the Republican who is spending his last days in WH said he would not reimpose a lockdown to fight the infection, adding: “Whatever happens in the future, who knows which administration it will be. I guess time will tell.”

Subdued by results Trump who did not mention Biden by name did not take questions from reporters. Pressure is mounting on the Republican to recognize Biden as President-elect and facilitate the smooth transition. The results in North Carolina and Georgia were announced in the last as a part of last week’s elections. Biden’s electoral votes have matched the tally Trump sealed against Hillary Clinton in 2016. Trump at that time called it a “landslide” win.

Trump after the announcement of projected winner has initiated a barrage of lawsuits in battleground states alleging unfounded claims of voter fraud on mass scale. However, his efforts didn’t pay much and suffered blows on Friday:

His legal team in Arizona withdrew a lawsuit seeking a review of ballots cast on election day after assessing the fact that lead created by Biden was unsurmountable. The challenger was filed on a claim that some legal ballots had not been tallied.

While in Michigan, a judge declined a request by two American poll watchers to block the certification of election results in Detroit alleging voter fraud in Wayne County. Likewise, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Trump’s request to invalidate several mail-in ballots was not entertained.

A manual recount is to be carried out in Georgia because of the slim difference between the mandate secured by the two candidates but the Biden team said they did not think review will have any impact on the results.

Biden not able to access intel reports

Joe Biden
President-elect Joe Biden wins Georgia

The General Services Administration (GSA), the government watchdog responsible with the transition process has yet to ascertain President-elect Biden and his running mate California senator Kamala Harris as winners of the election.

Meanwhile, Biden has not been allowed to get classified intelligence briefs and access federal agencies and funding required to ensure a smooth transfer of power. Biden spokesperson Jen Psaki said this prohibition to access essential resources as a President-elect could undermine Biden’s ability to govern.

“You need real-time information to deal with crises of the moment,” she said, highlighting the impact of the pandemic. “It’s imperative that our team and our experts have that access”.

John Kelly, Trump’s former chief of staff was the other voice urging on his former office to provide Democrat access to the confidential security briefings. Kelly aid the delay in the transition could hurt national security. “It’s not a process where you go from zero to 1,000 mile per hour,” he told Politico.

Earlier a group of over 150 former national security officials called on the General Services Administration to formally acknowledge Biden so that he could access “pressing national security issues”. Some Republican have also added their voice to the calls for projected winner to get top secret briefings.

Trump continues his fraudulent voting rhetoric

The Republican continued to dispute the election result with a flurry of tweets on Friday without presenting evidence to back up his claims of ballot-tempering. He also signaled he might join his voters at a rally planned in Washington on Saturday. His tweets came hours after election officials said the vote was the “most secure in American history”, recording the direct rebuttal from federal and state authorities since the last week’s polls.

The statement from the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council came in a response after Trump through a tweet claimed that voting software used in 28 states had deleted millions of Republican ballots with putting up any evidence. The speculation was first floated by One America News (OANN) and was marked by Twitter as disputed. WH spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany taking to Fox News on Friday, said: “President Trump believes he will be President Trump, have a second term”.