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Biden Urges Action on Guns in Prime-time Address

United States President Joe Biden called on Congress to ban assault weapons and take immediate action on gun control

Biden Urged Congress to Take Action on Guns in Prime-time Address

As the country reeled from a spate of terrible mass shootings in several states such as Texas, New York, and Oklahoma, the United States President Biden called on Congress to act immediately on gun control in a rare prime-time address Thursday. The United States has resisted firearms limits throughout the past few decades following horrific attacks. Still, Biden sought to channel a sense among some in Washington that perhaps this time is different after recent racist shootings and the slaughter at a school that captured the nation’s attention.

Biden recited a litany of devastating mass homicides, beginning with Columbine, Sandy Hook, Charleston, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Parkland. But, she added, “This time can’t be true.” Ultimately, we need to do something. Biden presented the speech at a delicate time, as a bipartisan group of senators puts together a package of gun restrictions they hoped would pass conservative muster. It would be a significant change, even if the measures are modest.

Despite the president’s support for gun control reform, the country’s gun laws are under threat. Assault weapons are banned, along with high-capacity magazines. The political dynamics of the evenly divided Senate make the likelihood of such legislation being passed remote, as many Republicans and their constituents are deeply committed to gun rights as an aspect of conservative culture.

Congress Should at least Raise the Legal Age to Buy Weapons

Biden said banning assault weapons was politically impossible. Instead, Congress should raise the age of purchase for these products from 18 to 21. Moreover, he sought to acknowledge the sentiments of gun rights supporters. According to him, he respects culture, tradition, and the concerns of lawful gun owners. While it is true that the Second Amendment, like all rights, is not absolute, he added, “I find it outrageous that the majority of Senate Republicans refuses to debate or vote on any of these proposals.”

Biden Urges Action on Guns in Prime-time Address
Biden Urges Action on Guns in Prime-time Address
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