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Biden vowed for 100 million stimulus checks and 100 million vaccine shots in next 10 days

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, announced on Monday to meet two big goals in the next ten days: sending hundred million stimulus checks, electronic deposits of stimulus payments under coronavirus relief package, and the distribution of hundred million coronavirus vaccine shots since his inauguration. President further adds that shots in arms and money in pockets are both important for the nation.

America surpassed the benchmark of a hundred million vaccination shots to hit the first goal on Friday. The total figure covers vaccine shots in BioNTech-Pfizer’s and two-shot regiments of Moderna, and one shot of Johnson & Johnson. As of Monday, seventy-one million U.S. nationals had received at least one vaccine shot, including 38.3 million who received full vaccination, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This figure means that one in five American adults received at least one vaccine dose.

Biden administration plans to procure enough vaccines for all U.S. adults by the May end

Recently, the Biden administration made a significant investment in the vaccine supply of the country. It plans to acquire enough COVID-19 vaccines for all American adults by May end. The president’s remarks came as his team launched a week of sales pitches for the aid bill. Biden and some members of his administration will travel the nation to promote the relief plan that comprises direct $1400-per-person payments to Americans having a low and middle income, new monthly relief checks for parents, and further relief for the unemployed, among other particulars.

Some Americans already received their payments, and many more people set to receive their bank accounts on Wednesday. Citizens can check on the status of their stimulus check with the Get My Payment tool of IRS. The IRS began delivering payments to taxpayers through direct deposit on Saturday, with 158.5 million households expected to be eligible for the automatic payments.

How to check Payment Status

If your payment has been processed properly, it will show a payment statistic and whether your payment will come by mail or by direct deposit. In case of payment by mail, it could come as an economic impact payment check or debit card. Whereas if you see “Payment status not available” on your screen, it might mean that the IRS hasn’t processed your payment yet or you are not eligible.

Moreover, the officials lowered the income limits to qualify this round: Single taxpayers with adjusted gross income up to seventy-five thousand dollars and married taxpayers filing together with adjusted gross income up to $150000 get a complete fourteen hundred dollars. However, you can receive a partial payment if you have income up to $80,000/$160000. Likewise, a married couple filing mutually with two dependents would get $5600 – that’s on top of Round one payments and Round two payments.

Similarly, if you see ‘Need more information on your screens, it means the United States Postal Service returned your payment to the IRS. You can easily update your address with the IRS by e-filing a 2020 tax return. Afterward, set up a direct deposit with ‘Get My Payment.’ So, you can choose direct deposit to your bank account, a prepaid debit card. Furthermore, the agency also has a fact sheet about stimulus payments’ Round three. Whereas if you are looking for information about your Round 1 & 2 stimulus payments, which you will need for filing your tax return for 2020, you will need to open an online account of IRS.

Biden is making visits for gaining a majority to approve stimulus law

Joe Biden’s remarks came as his team launched one week of sales pitches for the stimulus bill. The president and his administration’s many members will travel the country parts to promote the plan containing direct $1400-per-individual payments to low-income and middle-income Americans, new monthly checks for parents, and further relief for the unemployed, among other details.

Biden vowed for 100 million stimulus checks & 100 million vaccine shots in next 10 days
Biden vowed for 100 million stimulus checks & 100 million vaccine shots in the next 10 days
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On Tuesday, the president will visit Delaware County, Pa., and will appear with VP Kamala Harris on Friday in Atlanta, which helped the Democrats to deliver the majority in Senate that made the stimulus law possible for approval. A group of other administration officials and representatives, including Jill Biden and Harris’s husband, Doug Emhoff, will also make visits. Harris and her husband reached Las Vegas for an event on Monday, whereas Biden completed an event in New Jersey.