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Boris Johnson Plans to End Coronavirus Restrictions

The U.K. prime minister Johnson confirmed that the government intends to end its latest lockdown restrictions on 19th July

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, said that nationals would no longer need to wear face masks indoor by law once the administration lifts COVID-19 restrictions later this month. On Monday, the U.K. prime minister confirmed that the administration intends to end its latest lockdown restrictions on 19th July instead of a mounting number of virus cases because of the highly transmissible delta variant.

However, he said an ultimate decision on the reopening date would take place last week. Additionally, he said that the social distancing requirement in the country would also end, but he announced businesses could still mandate those requirements, including face masks. Finally, during a London press conference, the prime minister said that the whole country moves away from legal coronavirus restrictions and allows nationals to make their own informed decisions about how to handle the virus.

Johnson said that new COVID-19 infections and deaths would possibly arise once the government restrictions were lifted. Further, he said that the country must reconcile itself, sadly, to more deaths from coronavirus. The spread of the delta variant of COVID initially identified in India led to a rise in cases in nations across the world, including in South Korea.

According to health officials in Seoul, they reported around seven hundred and eleven new cases in the county on Monday, the 3rd consecutive day of more than seven hundred cases. Moreover, the majority of cases are reported in the populated Seoul metropolitan area.

Is the Current Stock of Oxygen in Indonesia is Enough for the Emergency Situation?

On Monday, Indonesia said that it is looking for additional oxygen supplies as it struggles with a surge of coronavirus cases, backed by the spread of the delta variant. The Indonesian says it is requesting oxygen producers to assign their whole supply for use by coronavirus patients and says it will also import oxygen cylinders if needed.

Likewise, in Luxembourg, a small European nation, the officials announced on Monday that the country’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel is in severe but stable condition after contracting coronavirus and will remain hospitalized for now. After a two-day summit in Brussels, the prime minister tested positive for COVID-19, and he hospitalized on Sunday.

On the other side, the royal palace of Britain stated on Monday that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, is self-quarantining herself after contacting someone last week who later tested positive for the virus.

United States Poll

In America, a Washington Post-ABC News poll found a huge difference between Republican and Democratic leaders as it relates to coronavirus vaccination. The poll found that while eighty-six percent of Democrats received at least one dose of vaccine, but only forty-five percent received at least the first shot. Furthermore, the survey found that only six percent of Democrats said they would possibly deny taking the vaccine, and forty-seven percent of Republicans said they were probably not vaccinated.

In the same way, a poll found that sixty percent of uninoculated American nationals believe the United States government is exaggerating the dangers of coronavirus delta variant, while eighteen percent of the unvaccinated Americans say the government is accurately describing the risks of the variant. Though, sixty-four percent of inoculated nationals believe the government is accurately describing the risks of the delta variant.

Boris Johnson Plans to End Coronavirus Restrictions
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Plans to End Countrywide Restrictions
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The Fifth Wave of Coronavirus in Iran

Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran, warned on Saturday that the nation is on the edge of a 5th coronavirus wave. The COVID-19 delta variant is mainly fueling the hospitalization numbers and deaths in Iran. As a result, around two hundred and seventy-five cities, including Tehran, ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses. The officials also ordered to restrict travel between cities that are facing high infection rates.

According to the latest reports, only around five percent of Iranians received full vaccination. However, Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center reported on 5th July that there are approximately 183.9 million coronavirus cases globally. The United States is on the first number with 33.7 million, and India is on the second number with 30.6 million, while Brazil is on the third number with 18.8 million. John Hopkins also said that over three billion vaccine doses administered globally.

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