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British Royal family expressed sadness in its first statement

On Tuesday evening, Buckingham Palace broke its silence over the recent Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. On behalf of the Queen, the palace releases a statement that racism allegations from Sussexes were concerning, and they will take it seriously. The statement reads that the whole family is saddened to know how challenging it was for Sussexes.

The raised issue is particularly based on racism, while some remembrances may vary, and the family will privately address them. Furthermore, the statement adds that the family members always loved Harry, Meghan, and Archie. A spokesperson told CNN that the Sussexes don’t plan to comment on the Tuesday statement. The response from Buckingham Palace comes more than thirty-six hours after the couple made a series of critical accusations in their initial sit-down interview with any journalist since stepping back from responsibilities of senior royal and moving to the United States last year.

The bombshell interview plunged the palace’s household into a crisis. Some of the claims – including Meghan’s admission for suicidal feelings during her first pregnancy and allegations of racism – have the ability to impact the reputation of the Royal family deeply. It also left a load of suspicion over some of the royal members. A royal source told CNN that the family waited to respond to the allegations until the Sussexes interview aired in the United Kingdom, and they allow the viewers in the country to watch it first.

The primary reason behind the relocation of Sussexes from the U.K.

The source further adds that it was important for the family to consider their response before issuing the official statement sensibly. During the interview, the couple discussed a lack of support over aggressive press coverage and the decision of the royal institution not to give their son a title – and refusal for his protection eligibility – as the basis for their decision to move United States after relocating from the U.K.

The source further says that the aim of the matter was a family, which should provide with the opportunity to tackle these issues privately.  In addition, the source suggested that a conversation between the couple and the royal family should take place privately to discuss the issues raised by Meghan and Harry instead of in a televised interview.

Royal Palace promised Investigation over Allegations

Equality, mental health, diversity, and equality are important issues, according to the royal source. On behalf of the Queen, the official statement of the palace made no mention of an investigation into allegations of Harry and Meghan. However, the palace promised an investigation last week after a British newspaper published allegations that Meghan bullied many staff members – a report that dismissed by the Sussexes as a calculated smear campaign.

British Royal family expressed sadness in its first statement
British Royal family expressed sadness in its first statement
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Earlier on Tuesday, Prince Charles appeared in public for the first time since the seismic interview broadcast and didn’t respond to a question on the controversy surrounding his family. An off-camera journalist asked Harry’s father during his visit to a Coronavirus vaccination center in London, “what did you think of Harry and Meghan’s interview.”

Harry told Oprah that his father had stopped taking his phone calls after he and his wife announced to step back from the royal family duties last January. Duke adds that restoring the relationship with the family in time will be one of his responsibilities.

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