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Burst of Violence at US Pentagon Killed Officer

A police officer died after shots were fired outside the Pentagon building from a suspect, but the security forces killed the suspect also

A suspect stabbed a police officer and he died in a violent incident at a transit station at the United States Pentagon. Whereas law enforcement killed the suspect with a shot, according to anonymous law enforcement officials. However, the law enforcement agencies temporarily placed lockdown at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, after the suspect fired gunshots on Tuesday morning near the entrance of the building.

In a press conference, Woodrow Kusse, a Pentagon Force Protection Agency Chief, confirmed that a man attacked a Pentagon police officer on the Washington DC Metropolitan bus platform that is part of the Pentagon Transit Center.

At the Pentagon, Kusse told reporters that an exchange of gunfire happened between the suspect and security forces, resulting in several causalities. According to anonymous officials, a Pentagon police officer died later who was stabbed by the suspect. Moreover, Kusse declined to confirm the death of the officer or the condition of a suspect, mentioning the ongoing FBI investigation.

Kusse said that the sad incident was over, and the Pentagon was safe, and police stopped searching for additional suspects. A reporter from the Associated Press heard several gunshots near the building. Mark Warner, the United States Senator of Virginia, tweeted his concern for the reported killed police officer.

What is the total number of casualties?

In an announcement, the Pentagon said that they locked the facility due to police activity. Furthermore, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency tweeted shortly after the scene was secure and held the agency responsible for the crime scene. Afterward, they lifted the lockdown, except for the area around the crime scene.

Burst of Violence at US Pentagon Killed Officer
A burst of Violence at US Pentagon Killed Officer
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General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin were in the meeting with the United States President Joe Biden at the White House when the incident happened. John Kirby, the spokesperson of the Pentagon, said that when Austin returned to the Pentagon and visited the Pentagon police operations center, and showed his deep concerns about any casualties that occurred. But he didn’t confirm the total casualties and declined to share further details.

Is there any threat to the Public?

On the other hand, the FBI confirmed that after their investigation, they settled on a result that there was no current risk or threat to the common public, but it didn’t share the possible motive. Finally, Secretary Austin offered his condolences to the belongings of the assassinated officer and announced that the Pentagon flags would fly at half-staff.

The Metropolitan DC Police Department tweeted to offer condolences for the officer and said that their hearts are heavy as they mourn the line of duty death of a police officer during the tragic events at the Pentagon. The whole force of MPD offers their sympathies and prayers to PFPA for their loss and to the loved ones of the officer.

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