Home Updates California declared Biden winner over 270 electoral votes

California declared Biden winner over 270 electoral votes

Joe Biden, the President-elect of the United States once again declared as the winner of the presidential race on Monday after the Electoral College members gathered all fifty states and the District of Columbia to cast their votes. It gathered too much attention this year because the U.S. President Donald Trump refused to admit his defeat against Biden.

Joe Biden officially defeated Donald Trump

The electoral college elected Democratic Biden as the U.S. 46th president, with Kamala Harris, the coming vice-president. Biden’s victory confirmed when California reported its fifty-five votes, which tipped him over the 270-threshold required to took the presidency. Just some hours after all the states voted, the official count confirmed 306 electoral votes of Biden and his victory. On the other side, Trump just won 232 votes.

Afterwards, these votes will be delivered to Washington, where they will be checked in a Congress session headed over by Mike Pence, the current Vice-President on 5th January. Whereas, the victory of Biden now finally confirmed. Democratic Biden will continue to be the president-elect until 20th January – the inauguration day. Instead, Trump is still U.S. President and will continue to hold his designation until the inauguration day.

President-elect compared his victory to Trump’s

Joe Biden made a televised victorious speech and praised nationals for a record voter turnout. Over eighty-one million people voted for Democratic presidential candidate and his vice-presidential candidate Harris, giving them a winning edge of over seven million. He said, together, Harris and he earned 306 electoral votes while surpassing the 270 electoral votes needed to secure the win.

Three hundred six electoral votes are the same number of electoral votes that Trump and Pence received in 2016 to secure victory. At that time, the president called the electoral college count a victory. By the Trump standards, these numbers signified a clear win event.

Joe Boden tear up Trump’s claims of electoral fraud

The president-elect Joe Biden also shot down the false campaigns of Trump campaign of election fraud in his speech. Biden said that the Trump campaign took a significant number of legal challenges to test the result. Those false claims proved wrong whenever they heard.

California declared Biden winner over 270 electoral votes
California declared Biden winner over 270 electoral votes
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More than eighty judges across the country heard those claims, but they found no evidence to reverse or dispute the results. Likewise, the coming president condemned threats made against election officials and workers as the election played out. He said everyone should owe these public servants a debt of appreciativeness.

Republican Leaders acknowledged Biden’s Win

The electoral college victory of Biden now openly acknowledged by many Republicans, instead of Trump’s refusal to accept defeat. Senator Lindsey Graham, one of the closest congressional allies of Trump, said that he had a pleasant ten-minute conversation with Biden. Senator Graham also assured his support to Biden at any stage. Further, he said he would support the Biden’s decision to pick retired General Lloyd Austin as a defence secretary.

Senator Graham expressed that he expected Donald Trump to allow continuing legal challenges over the election outcomes play out, and he conceives excessively narrow way for Trump to achieve a second term. Mike Braun, the Indiana senator, said that the electoral college vote made a defining moment where everybody must put aside politics and respect the constitutional process of the country.

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