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California National Guard put Fighter Jet on Standby

California National Guard put F-15C Fighter Jet on Alert which Soared concerns that they could use the military to scatter Protestors

According to a report, the members of the California National Guard say a fighter jet put on alert for a possible domestic mission 2020, soaring concerns that they could use the military to scatter demonstrators in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, four sources of the National Guard spoke to Los Angeles Times about the matter, disclosing that commanders have concerns about resistance to stay home orders or anarchy because of panic-buying.

Additionally, according to those sources, an F-15C fighter jet put on an alert, which soared concerns among the members of the National Guard that the aircraft might use to buzz crowds during the protests – an approach usually used in fighting areas to scatter the enemy. The sources told the New York Times that the orders supposedly handed down verbally or with the help of text messages else than officially in writing, which made them highly rare. Moreover, the members described such a tactic as improper use of military force against the residents of the United States.

One source said that it would be an entirely illegal order that disgraced the American military. It gives a sense that they are threatening their own civilians. Similarly, the second source adds that it is something that would occur in the Soviet Union. The U.S. military is for combating foreign aggressors. Whereas the California National Guard declined to comment on the request of Fox News for comment.

Denial of the Reports from Jonathan Shiroma

While talking with the times, the spokesman for the California Guard, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Shiroma, denied the reports. Further, she adds that they don’t use their planes to threaten or frighten their civilians. During the last year, the U.S. officials heavily used the National Guard, initially their deployment during countrywide protests following the George Floyd’s police killing, then again in Washington D.C. after the fatal riot at the United States Capitol on 6th January.

California National Guard put Fighter Jet on Standby
California National Guard put Fighter Jet on Standby
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In the same way, some American states also deployed their National Guard members ahead of some events like the 2020 presidential debates. In every scenario, the use of National Guard units lifted intense discussion, with some states declined to use them over fears and referred to it as a harsh response to the events.

On the other side, former United States President Donald Trump criticized the Democratic governors and mayors for resisting to deploy the National Guard to combat riots and looting incidents during the last summer. In June 2020, Trump said on the Brian Kilmeade Show that everyone observed what happened in Minnesota, and after three days, he demanded to utilize the National Guard. Papers from the National Guard reveal that officers conversed a similar use of F-15C jet fighters during both protests in summer and instantly after the 2020 Presidential November Election.

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