Home Updates Capitol Riot Panel Recommends Mark Meadows for Criminal Prosecution

Capitol Riot Panel Recommends Mark Meadows for Criminal Prosecution

Capitol Riot Panel Recommends Meadows for Criminal Charges

On Monday, the House select committee probing the Capitol riot voted to suggest the criminal prosecution for ex-White House chief of Staff Mark Meadows under Trump’s presidency, punishing him for refusing to appear before the committee about the 6th January attack. Moreover, the select committee developed the contempt of Congress report for Meadows consistently, sending the issue to a vote before the full House committee, which is likely to approve the reference as early as Tuesday.

The chair of the committee, Bennie Thompson, stated that in an opening announcement before the house panel recommended the referral of Meadows to the Department of Justice (DOJ) the former Republican White House chief of staff displayed non-compliance intentionally in the disobedience of his subpoena. He said that it comes down to this. Meadow began by doing the right thing: cooperating. Furthermore, he shared the records he did not try to protect behind some excuse.

Thompson added that when the records raise questions – as most of them surely do – one must come in and answer those questions. And when it was time for Meadow to follow the law, come in, and demonstrate on those questions, he changed his plan and told the panel to pound sand. Furthermore, the select committee said that Meadows should be indicted. He refused to appear before the committee and justify information he willingly handed over to the investigation panel through his own document production.

Election Fraud, Foreign Interference, and Options for 6 January

The select committee said that Meadows turned over around nine thousand documents as part of a cooperation agreement in his effort to engage with the investigation to an extent to avoid an instant criminal referral that happened to other Trump government advisors who resisted summonses. Among the materials, former chief of staff handed over to the select committee was a PowerPoint presentation named “Election Fraud, Foreign Interference and Options for 6th January,” which suggested the former president announce a national security emergency to return himself to office individually.

Capitol Riot Panel Recommends Mark Meadows for Criminal Prosecution
Capitol Riot Panel Recommends Mark Meadows for Criminal Prosecution
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The select committee said that Meadows received more texts from the anonymous representative, who message him one day after the Capitol attack: Yesterday was a horrific day. However, his collaboration with the House select committee ended with the paper production. Meadows notified the team last week that he wouldn’t answer queries because he had come to learn that House investigative agents had summoned call records for his personal cell phone.

A successful contempt prosecution against Meadows could result in up to one year in federal prison, one hundred thousand dollars in fines, or both – though the offense charge may not finally lead to his cooperation and chasing the misdemeanor could still some years. In addition, the select committee targeted Meadows from the beginning of the probe as it sought to reveal the extent of his role in the scheme of the former president to subvert the 2020 presidential election results.

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