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CDC Announced New Guidelines to Reimpose Mask Mandates

CDC released new guidelines to mandate face mask rules across the US on Wednesday as cities, states, and businesses raced to resume mandates

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new guidelines to mandate face mask rules across the United States on Wednesday as states, cities, and businesses raced to resume mandates. Missouri, Kansas City, and Nevada were among the locations that moved quickly to re-impose indoor face mask requirements following the announcement of Tuesday from the CDC.

However, governors of Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Arizona said they would resist the latest announcement of reversing course. The recommendations from the federal government swiftly plunged American nationals into another expressively charged debate over the face coverings with masks meant to control the easy transmission of deadly COVID-19. A Broward County School Board meeting in Florida decentralized into a screaming match between board members and irate parents on Tuesday.

Some protestors hold the burning masks outside the building to protest against the latest announcement of mask mandates in the federal offices. Jamie Reinhold in residential Atlanta said she would take out her kids from school if the district stuck to the latest guidance of the CDC, which the fifty-two-year-old beliefs takes the nation backward and damages confidence in the vaccines.

Ford Motor Co. said it would restore face mask protocols for all employees and visitors at its Florida and Missouri facilities. Both these states are among the hardest hit by the summer surge in the cases in which the United States is now averaging over sixty thousand new cases per day because of the highly contagious delta variant.

Number of New Daily COVID-19 Cases in the United States

Google also postponed a planned 1st September return to the office for most of its over one lac and thirty thousand employees until mid-October; it also followed a similar move by Apple. On Wednesday, Google said that it would also ultimately require all employees to receive vaccination shots, a mandate that Joe Biden, the President of the United States, said that he is also considering for federal workers.

Meanwhile, other government representatives said that they will be postponing face mask rules for now. Tom Wolf, the Governor of Pennsylvania, denied considering imposing a face mask mandate statewide, especially in schools, an argued that such orders were necessary before the availability of vaccine. The Democratic governor told a Pittsburgh radio station on Tuesday that individuals have the ability to decide to take the vaccine or not. If they do, that is the protection for them and their beloved ones.

CDC Announced New Guidelines to Reimpose Mask Mandates
CDC Announced New Guidelines to Reimpose Mask Mandates
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Where will the New CDC Guidance apply?

Moreover, the new guideline of the CDC applies to areas with a least fifty new coronavirus cases per hundred thousand people in the last week, which is approximately sixty percent of all United States counties, according to a federal official. Thus, almost all of the Southwest and South are subject to the guidance, but several communities in the Northeast – with the exception of main metro areas such as Boston and New York City – are exempt for now, according to the coronavirus tracker of the CDC.

On Wednesday, Mayor Daniella Levine Cava of the Miami-Dade County, Florida – imposed an indoor face mask mandate at county facilities. However, the St. Louis County Council in Missouri voted on Tuesday to reverse the mask mandate of the country just one day after it became one of the initial reinstated in the nation.

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