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CDC to Release Monkeypox Jynneos Vaccine Doses

On Monday, the U.S. federal health agency CDC announced that America is releasing Jynneos, a vaccine for monkeypox

CDC to Release Jynneos Vaccine Doses from National Stockpile

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials announced Monday that the United States is releasing vaccines that can stop monkeypox from its national stockpile. At least one American national tested positive for the rare disease. In a Monday call with reporters, CDC officials said that more than one thousand Jynneos vaccine shots for monkeypox and smallpox are present in the Strategic National Stockpile of the Department of Health & Human Services.

Monkeypox is closely similar to smallpox, so some treatments for smallpox are also effective in curing monkeypox. On Monday, CDC disease expert Dr. Jennifer McQuiston said that the United States piles up a good stock of Jynneos in preparation for likely smallpox outbreaks. McQuiston said that the stockpile has more than a hundred million shots of the smallpox vaccine ACAM. But unfortunately, it can cause significant side effects, including heart inflammation.

Last week, the Department of Health and Senior Services spokesman told Forbes that the United States stockpile also contains the smallpox vaccine, and the FDA may authorize it under some circumstances. McQuiston said that the available supply of Jynneos is likely to increase as manufacturers speed up production.

History of Monkeypox

In 1970, health experts identified the first human case of monkeypox in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since then, the disease has been widespread in some parts of central and western Africa. Usually, some nations that don’t experience monkeypox outbreaks started reporting some alleged and confirmed cases this month, including around thirty confirmed cases each in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Portugal and up to five confirmed cases each in Australia and Canada.

CDC to Release Monkeypox Jynneos Vaccine Doses
CDC to Release Monkeypox Jynneos Vaccine Doses
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In addition, two men in Utah, one in New York, and one in Florida are likely to be infected with monkeypox. Furthermore, the CDC monitors almost six individuals for possible monkeypox disease after exposure to a person with monkeypox while traveling.

The monkeypox virus can enter the body and spread through scratches or animal bites through damaged skin, mucus membranes, and the respiratory tract. Initially, the disease is usually mild and causes symptoms such as headache and fever. Afterward, rashes appeared on the skin that can lead to pimples, discolorations, and scabs.

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