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Celebration of Freedom, but Coronavirus Not Finished Yet – Biden

Biden on 4th July said that they’re headed into a summer of joy and freedom, but Coronavirus is not yet finished, and he urged Americans to get vaccinated

On Sunday, the President of the U.S., Joe Biden, called vaccination the most patriotic thing for his nation. He mixed the country’s birthday celebration with the celebration of freedom from history’s worst pandemic. However, Biden tempered the strides against coronavirus to warn that the fight against the deadly virus was not over.

The president hosted over one thousand service members, first responders, and other guests for a 4th July 2021 celebration on the South Lawn of the White House. At that time, he said that all across the country, they could say confidently that America is coming back together. For him, it was a long-awaited opportunity to mention the success of his administration’s vaccination campaign.

It was the largest event after holding the president’s office, and it clearly indicates that the United States had moved into the latest phase of coronavirus response. Biden adds that the country also moved from vaccinating nationals to promote worldwide health.

4th July – a Day of Celebration for Americans

Before fireworks, Biden said that the 4th July of 2021 is a day of special celebration because the country is emerging from the darkness of one year of COVID-19 pandemic and isolation, the year of heartbreaking loss and pain. Further, the president noted the lockdown restrictions that closed several businesses, put millions out of work, and separated uncountable family members.

Additionally, he said that today, the nation is closer than ever to declare independence from a deadly outbreak. But at this stage, one can not say that the fight against coronavirus is over. Instead, Americans as a nation need a lot of work to do. President Biden asked all Americans to celebrate the day after continuing sixteen months of disruption in the pandemic that took over sixty million lives. The White House-backed gatherings and fireworks display all across the country to mark.

Day of Celebrating Freedom, but COVID-19 Not Finished Yet – Biden
Day of Celebrating Freedom, but COVID-19 Not Finished Yet – Biden
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COVID-19 Cases and Deaths were at Near-record Lows

Newly infected cases and deaths from the coronavirus were at near-record lows since the pandemic started with the help of the robust United States vaccination program. Restaurants and Businesses were open, traveling all around the country getting closer to pre-pandemic levels, and new hiring was mounting. Nevertheless, the Biden set vaccination goal with a great flourish for 4th July – seventy percent of the adult population of America vaccinated – fell short of sixty-seven percent, according to the statistics from the CDC.

Over two hundred Americans still die every day from coronavirus, and several of the nationals decided not to receive the life-saving vaccines. Still, around one thousand counties have a vaccination rate of less than thirty percent, and the state administration is warning that they could become the next hot spots of the coronavirus as restriction related to virus ease.

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