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China Warns of Severe Actions if Taiwan Provokes on Independence

On Wednesday, the Chinese government warned that it would take severe measures if Taiwan took steps to attain formal independence.

Beijing Warns to Take Severe Actions if Taiwan Provokes on Independence

Yesterday, a Chinese official warned that the government would take severe actions if Taiwan moved towards formal independence. Further, he added that the provocations of Taiwan and foreign interference could deepen next year. On the other hand, China claimed that it democratically governed Taiwan under its territory. During the last two years, it stepped up diplomatic and military pressure to claim its sovereignty, triggering concerns in Washington and anger in Taipei.

The spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office, Ma Xiaoguang, told a press briefing that China tried its best to seek peaceful reunification with Taiwan but would respond if Taiwan crossed any red line on independence. Ma added that if pro-independence forces in Taiwan pursuing independence provoke, exert influence or even cross any red line, they will have to take severe actions.

In a Wednesday statement, the Mainland Affairs Council of Taiwan urged China to seriously reflect on its work towards Taiwan and make an effective decision on the situation. In addition, the Mainland Affairs Council echoed its call for talks on an equal basis. It said that it maintained a strategy of not provoking to guarantee peace in Taiwan Strait and across the region.

Taiwan emerged as a major factor in stressed relations between the United States and Taiwan, the island’s most crucial foreign supporter and arms supplier, despite the absence of official diplomatic ties. Furthermore, Taiwan claims that it is an independent state and pledges to defend its democracy and freedom. Instead, China regularly describes the island as the most sensitive matter in its relationship with the U.S.

China Warns of Severe Actions if Taiwan Provokes on Independence
China Warns of Severe Actions if Taiwan Provokes on Independence
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Beijing Launched Air Missions over Taiwan Strait

Ma said that provocation by external meddling and separatist forces could grow more and more in the coming months. He added that in 2022, the Taiwan Strait situation would become even worse and severe. During the last some months, China launched several air missions over the Taiwan Strait to pressurize Taiwan. The U.S. recognizes only one China.

According to the law, Taiwan was required to provide the means to defend itself and long followed a strategy of strategic uncertainty on whether it would interfere with military forces to guard Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion. In 1949, the defeated Republic of China government moved to Taiwan after losing a civil war with the Communists, the founders of the People’s Republic of China.

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